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Leah becomes Putin the honourable citizen?

names of applicants for a rank " yesterday became known; the Honourable citizen of Petersburg this year. Now them 27. Here who it:
Vladimir Aleksandrov, the general director of the enterprise the Admiralty shipyards .
Olga Andreeva, the singer.
Andrey Ananov, the jeweller.
Alexander Belinsky, art director Muzkomedii.
Nikolay Belousov, the principal 387.
Victor Bojarsky, the director of a museum of Arctic regions and Antarctic.
Vladimir, metropolitan Sankt - Petersburg and Ladoga.
Valery Gergiev, the main conductor of the Maryinsky Theater.
Alexander Gorodnitsky, the poet.
Daniel Granin, the writer.
Dmitry Zuber, director VNITI.
Yury Kozhuhovsky, the builder.
Galina Komarova, the chairman of the union Children of blockade - 900 .
Kudryavtsev`s Elizabeth - Murin, the national actress.
Valentina Leonenko, the chairman of a society Inhabitants of blockade Leningrad .
Evgenie Maltsev, the chairman of Coordination council of the creative unions.
Tamara Moskvin, the merited master of sports.
Alexey Prjadehin, the veteran of war, the initiator of search movement.
Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation.
Edita Pyekha, the singer.
Mstislav Rostropovich, the national actor of the USSR.
Galina Sveshnikov, the director of a recreation centre Yusupov palace .
Nikolay Skatov, the director of Institute of the Russian literature.
Boris Strugatsky, the writer.
Yury Temirkanov, the conductor.
Andrey Tolubeev, the actor.
Gennady Shatkov, the Olympic champion on boxing.
a rank the Honourable citizen of St.-Petersburg it is appropriated annually to two citizens by city Legislative Assembly.
readers, to us interesting your opinion who from this list is most worthy a high rank. Vote for the candidates for letters in edition (it is desirable to give reason for the point of view). Write to us to the address: 191023, SPb, Garden street, d. 28 - 30, a building 1, in Petersburg . Or on e - a mail petrov@kppublish. ru. We will pass your letters to deputies of Legislative Assembly.