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You do not want in soldiers? Go in Sailors!

in Kareliya were defined where to send on service not wishing to go to army

Since January, 1st of the next year to Russia the Federal law " comes into force; About alternative civil service . According to the international experts, by the way of preparation for introduction of alternative civil service (AGS) Kareliya has most promoted. In this connection Petrozavodsk have chosen for carrying out of a round table concerning organisation AGS.

as Organizers of action have acted the All-Russia coalition For democratic alternative civil service and the Remedial union of Kareliya. The Remedial union, according to many, has allowed region so far to promote in respect of introduction alternativki. Legal experts are some years in business confronting with a republican military registration and enlistment office. Has quite often put reached proceedings. But, probably, it stimulated both parties, pushed them to the real decision of problems. The result has been visually shown participants of a round table to whom have shown workplaces for future alternativshchikov in republican psychiatric hospital. There is it in one of adjacent areas to Petrozavodsk. However, there is a curious detail - hospital, as well as settlement in which it is, carries the name Sailors.