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Shulgin names favourite by Julchonkom

At last concert Factories of stars - 3 he has proposed to Petersburger Jule Mihalchik

We Slates that in Leningrad region are very glad to victory of the little girl from a city. As they say, the beauty - hair to a bottom, the clear head - has entered into a three of prize-winners, and on a broader scale, God grant to everyone. And the most important thing, producer Alexander Shulgin admitted, it has found darling in person Juli. We have hardly caught Julju in its short arrival home and Shulgin in a break between shootings of the New Year`s program.

- Julja, we congratulate on victory! You are glad?

- I am glad to arrive home! Here now with the father home went, I have asked to take me on Neva: has missed... And it would be desirable to look on Neva after a song Peter . From myself I observe - any special shocks after competition I do not notice, mood usual. I on a broader scale in life so conceive all, exactly. Character, probably, the quiet. Anything especially has not changed! I have got on competition casually and if has not won, would rejoice for other children.

- on - to yours, for what you so were fallen in love with spectators?

- admirers feel sincerity. It is nonsense that they listen anything you like under good sauce. People kind feel responsiveness of the executor. Kind to good lasts.

- you kind?

- at least, I such consider myself. I on a broader scale not disputed person. All different, it is necessary to concern it easy. For example, Sveta Svetikova very expressional, could cry out something, without having thought, or Ruslan Kurik at times threw out pieces. Here it such, what now? Upasi my God something to try to change in people. On a broader scale, show - business - a piece serious, it is possible to tell, it me a little has bitten everyones happened situations. In the beginning Factories to me did not give to possibility to reveal, there were no numbers. . It were game rules. Well I can? To ask? No. To live? Yes. To work? Yes. To rejoice to that I there. If not Sasha Shulgin... Thanks it big.

- an immodest question: what relations at you?

- and what, has already filtered? I do not want to tell much about it, I will tell only: I am happy.

- you amorous?

- I correct.

- what qualities in the man for you are important?

- I always very carefully choose. Eyes on the first place: if they deep...

- that is the man not necessarily should be Apollo?

- it is completely not obligatory. The main thing that it was with beautiful soul. In eyes it is visible.

- And if eyes lie so after all too happens?

- I understand people. At once I see, my person or not. With some I can work, communicate, but the close friendship will not be.

- what your ideal?

- kind. Light. The opened. Reasonable. Wise. Sympathetic. Human. Clearly states the thoughts. I do not accept envy, a rage, meanness it it is immoral.

- as to Shulgin... You are not frightened by stories which wrote about it?

- did not read, did not hear and I do not want. I see the person, human...

we managed to communicate and with the producer Factories Alexander Shulgin.

- Alexander, now, when this working nightmare has ended, what overwhelm you feelings?

- here you named it a nightmare, and for me it is a light piece of my life and the biography. Though, from other point of view, the heavy schedule - 24 hours a day in a mode TV reality and that volume of work which should be made for four days... On Sunday you receive the list of stars - participants of Friday show, and on Thursday already high-grade rehearsal with manufacturers. In this time it is necessary to write down, rehearse, pick up all suits... Earlier who would tell! Fifteen weeks in such mode is a good test. But, judging by ratings, at Factories the greatest audience. 60 % looking this evening the TV - our spectators. My merit in it minimum. However, Konstantin Ernest has told at one meeting: Self-abasement - is similar to arrogance . (Smiles.)

- As you estimate manufacturers ?

- I am very happy with children, the taken place actors in the end were already visible. Outstanding personalities, and all very different. And at all so eyes burn! This main thing. Children now actively act in film in Blue sparks someone - in transfer the City of women in to the Big washing other Prenew Year`s TV programs. It is all will proceed till December, 25th, then all will have a rest, and after New year we will think how to work further - clips, albums...

- by the way, it was appreciable that you too have very much changed for an operating time Factories of stars - 3 . Have looked younger, and eyes have lighted up, and you as if were shone from within...

- Practically all have noticed it, even distant people. All ears have buzzed. I do not know, paternal it, probably, such period in life...

- Perhaps all - taki it is connected with Julej Mihalchik? It is truth, what you have made its the proposal?

- yes, I have proposed. It absolutely wonderful, magic little man, such I never in life met...

- with all the heart we congratulate! And when wedding?

- now it for some days has gone to native, then will return. All of us then will discuss. And now I simply want to rejoice to good instants... I now Julchonku called - I it name Julchonkom - have told that have written for it a song. Wanted to read to it by phone, but affairs have distracted. Has called back, has told that I will read later. It: OK . A type song Peter .

- It is possible to expect, what you will make of it a star?

- it already a star. Such depth inside... Look on its site such attendance, popularity! I on structure of fans can already draw the person of the actor. Important, who you, and then - that you will sing. After all it is possible to put on a mask and to step on the stage, and inside you another. And then you not the actor, and simply actor. It already other genre.

- you have at first sight fallen in love?

- a complicated question... It would be desirable to express correctly thought that was not poshlovato. It is possible so: I have opened for myself Julju Mihalchik at first sight, I open till now and, I hope, I will always open. It still small, my Mihalchik...

Elena Livsi.