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You do not want to eat nails - do not steal!

the Petrozavodsk autothief has swallowed two spoons

As we already informed in for December, 18th, 20 - the summer thief detained in Petrozavodsk for the next theft from cars, has undertaken unexpected measures of protection from militia. He has swallowed two nails that has allowed to it an occasion to declare claims for treatment at the moment of arrest. At the desire of field investigators physicians have educated the thief a X-ray also have really found out in intestines the sharp image of two nails. The sick thief have sent in military hospital of Medvezhyegorsk where he categorically directly on an operational table has refused operation. And without the consent of the patient (though also the arrested person at the moment of theft) surgeons have no its right to cut . Laxative of the action has not rendered, though the thief, on an insisting of people in white dressing gowns and dark blue uniforms, accepted in its horse portions.

as a result of the thief have returned in an insulator, where it again uchudil: When to it and its cellmate have brought a dinner, it has broken off from two aluminium spoons shanks in length 6 - 7 centimetres and has swallowed them!

in such status which has eaten too much of iron he can spend long time under guards. As it will be reflected on its health - it is not known.

Svetlana LYSENKO, Boris MATVEEV.