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blokadnikam will hand over medals

In January we will mark 60 - letie full lifting of a blockade of Leningrad. To this date the city government has founded a commemorative medal

It will receive 66 thousand the veterans of the Great Patriotic War awarded by a medal " nowadays living in Petersburg; For defence of Leningrad and also 205 thousand the Petersburgers, the awarded sign the Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad . The Commemorative medal will make of an alloy of copper with zinc. On the one hand on a golden background the Peter and Paul Fortress image before which there are anti-tank hedgehogs is placed. From above two dates - 1944 - 2004 are placed. On other party it is possible to see a laurel branch and an inscription In honour of 60 - letija outright release of Leningrad from fascist blockade . Will make medals on the Mint. Their release should be finished by January, 15th. Cost of manufacturing of each medal makes about 124 roubles. For their release from reserve fund of City Administration it is allocated 33,8 million roubles. Now to Petersburg requests from other regions of the country already arrive to make medals for living there blokadnikov.

Maxim Koncharov.