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pochtovikam have returned their museum

Yesterday after 30 - a summer break the Central museum of communication of a name of Ampere-second has opened. popova

In the former palace svetlejshego the prince of the chancellor of the Russian empire Alexander Bezbordko in Pochtamtsky street, 7, visitors is met by a huge communication satellite the Beam - 15 . And in other hall - original post sledge on which transported dispatches in a XIX-th century. The first long-distance switchboard which has connected St.-Petersburg with Moscow in 1898, - and up-to-date systems of outer-space communication: the Orbit the Screen Arktur . Ancient mail boxes and automatic machines on sale of stamps, the electromagnetic telegraph standing in an office of Nikolay I, adjoin to an exposition mobile phones - from the very first, tjazhelennyh, to last heaped up... A holy site in a museum - a memorial room of the founder of a radio communication of Alexander Popova.

the Museum has been closed in 1974 from - for emergency statuses of a building. Repair lasted 30 years! It has been with great dispatch finished thanks to that the palace on Pochtamtsky has got to the Presidential object list, reconstruction subjects to 300 - letiju Petersburg. And what now here beauty! The first visitors compared furnish of a building to the Konstantinovsky Palace.

opened a museum of communication the plenipotentiary of the president Ilya Klebanov, vitse - governor Sergey Tarasov and Minister of Communications Leonid Rejman who even have extinguished spetsshtempeljami spetskonverty, let out in honour of this event. The plenipotentiary and the minister have acquired the lifelong right to go in a museum free of charge. Klebanov has told that mail long was the unloved child at the state, but now its financing is adjusted. And on a broader scale, our signalmen it is possible to be proud only, as well as of their museum, where more than 8 million units of storage. Drag there children - to their delight of the end will not be.


the Prices for tickets in a communication Museum:

adult - 40 rbl.
student`s - 20 rbl.
school - 5 rbl.
for pensioners - 5 rbl.
for foreigners - 150 rbl.

Andrey PETROV.
Foto Artema MISHUKOVA.