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“ Tatushek “ own fans

have frightened During a concert in Peter of 17 thousand spectators have taken down a protection round a scene

on December, 18th in Peter acted “ Tatu “. For two hours before in hall SKK have started the first spectators, “ tatushki “ have started to rehearse the show. For warm-up of Julja and Lena have swept on flying scene specially constructed for them. Having risen metres on five and having sung a little “ in a hover “ the couple began to master other space.

we want, as in Japan!

- Make, as in Japan! - constantly demanded from members of the command of Volkova and Katin.

to us have explained that Japanese tours have made indelible impression upon actresses. One only screens on which the video image was broadcast, were worthy to bring them in the Guinness Book of Records - six pieces in the size eighteen on twelve metres! Their Petersburg analogues, certainly, conceded and in the sizes (only five on eight metres), and by quantity (four pieces). But too looked solidly.

“ Tatushki “ have scrupulously checked up all equipment - a sound, videocameras, have several times banished almost all songs, have agreed among themselves who where costs and that does, and have gone to hostel - to brush the hair and be painted.

in a crush 30 persons

Tickets for a concert " have suffered; Tatu “ cost to ridiculous cheaply: hundred roubles. In a lobby “ have told that the fee to group - those c.u. well-known for the whole world hundred fifty thousand - was paid by the company “ the Megaphone “. From here and the democratic prices which hardly was did not become a cause of the tragedy. To look on “ Tatu “ in SKK seventeen have come and a half thousand persons - the full notice.

for half an hour prior to the beginning of performance of group the protection near a scene has failed, without having sustained a pressure of fans. As a result on a design which should fly, the people have densely pressed. Protection could not remove spectators, and people in the forefront (them it is literally vpechatalo in metal farms) began to faint. Guards took the become soft bodies from the general human weight, brought victims round and deduced in foyer - to recover the breath. Still before the group has stepped on the stage, victims of a hysteria have fallen an order of thirty persons.

we are afraid to leave!

“ Tatu “ and to persons accompanying them in SKK have taken away three adjacent rooms. Our correspondent was amazed with presence in a make-up room... The real bath. However, actresses and have not used it. JUlja and Lena ate sandwiches, smoked and, gleaming eyes, nervously exchanged words: it was visible that to girls not before water procedures - they on a platoon. News that in a hall press spectators and that has suffered thirty persons, has not added “ tatushkam “ calmnesses. Both have obviously become puzzled, especially after it have suggested to leave and calm crowd.

- go faster and ask people to depart on a step from a scene, differently we cannot begin! - the manager " got excited; Tatu “. JUlja shouted in the answer that they with Lena will not go anywhere because can make nothing. And has then offered: - We simply leave, we will sit down on a floor and we will not start to sing, while all will not be removed!

a masturbation session

this evening the scene in air and has not risen: “ tatushkam “ protection did not manage to remove from it spectators. Lena with Julej sang, and militia and bodyguards rescued the protection rests. Expectations of public have justified - girls have given out complete set of hits and the firm lesbian counters. There were kisses, embraces and, certainly, the highlight of the program - public masturbation of Juli. During supersmash hit execution “ Simple movements “ Volkova has knelt, has languidly closed eyes and already verified gesture has started a hand to itself in trousers. The hall has roared from delight.


“ Tatu “ have placed on opium?

Father Oleg Viktorovich Julju in offence will not give.

Father Juli Volkovoj confirms: “ Lesbians “ - tatushki, as well as Sheron Stone, move apart feet only in due time “

While “ Tatu “ prepared for performance, a source close to group, has told “ that the producer of a duet Ivan Shapovalov actively tries to place recently the wards on opium. Having heard such, we should be converted behind explanations to father Juli Volkovoj - to Oleg Viktorovichu. The blessing it has appeared near at hand: has arrived on a concert together with a daughter. “ you what have placed someone naa a needle? All already full age also solve all questions concerning it, - has answered our question Oleg Viktorovich. - But it is delirium! Brad! If to speak, all fate - musicians sit on cocaine! “

- many really sit are not a secret. And cocaine in Moscow now is all the same that vodka which drinks everyone...

- yes! Therefore I will not answer your question. I will tell only that girls are not engaged in it, and at Shapovalova the head.

- it is visible yes, differently what for to it was to include in recently left film “ And. N. And. T. The Island of M. And. JA “ TATU “ almost that a three-minute episode with raskurivaniem hemp. And on a broader scale, what for this film was necessary? There from a legend about two lesbians does not remain a stone on a stone: girls laugh at it. But they so are without restraint popular thanks to this legend: in it 90 percent of admirers believe.

- I cannot respond to this question, because shot this film one person, and made the decision that it is necessary to show it, - another. Probably, Shapovalov has decided, it is possible what to show that, besides lesbian love, in show - business is also the private life, which absolutely normal. There is a show, there is a business, and there is a life, and it differs from the first and the second.

- and sales will fall at once, and it can already not turn out to earn on hundred thousand euro a month (figures have been published all in the same film)?

- My personal opinion: it will not be. Sheron Stone has moved apart feet in “ the Basic instinct “ but it not always moves apart them, but only in the fullness of time and at the necessary o`clock.

- the impression that all history " is made; lesbians “ “ Tatu “ are continuous abortions and communications with men. Abortion of Juli undersigned very in detail: interview to mum, to doctors of the State Kremlin hospital, the description of medical preparations which are accepted by the patient.

- interview to mum - lies, interview to doctors too. The invented situation! Anything, except an appendicitis cutting in the Kremlin hospital at Administrative Department of the President, was not! (A day before ours “ official “ conversations Oleg Viktorovich told that Julja deleted an appendicitis in America. - a bus comment) The appendicitis was long - it inflamed within a year. There were attacks in England, in America and when they have arrived from Turkey, it directly from the plane on “ fast “ have taken away in hospital and have operated.

- history with the first man Juli - the guy from village where there lives your grandmother, Anton Hrulevym. Its detailed stories about the first sex with it, about what it unrestrained in love, that is about the most intimate. All it has got on pages of newspapers...

is there was simply a friend. That they lovers, - inventions. I would not kill her, if she to me has told all about the relations with Anton. And Julja knows about it: she knows that the father is first of all its friend. Also shares with me. I would know about it. But let there something also is hidden: I know that it is the child-hood friend with whom they grew together. And suddenly this friend has emerged! Certainly, probably, it flattered it: as it so, even to it have arrived and ask on such things! JUle it was insulting: All it very much not on - friendly. But then it communicated with it, and Anton has told that half from this that have written in newspapers, he did not speak! Recently we were at his mother - there could not arrive right after its  destructions. In this village there lives our grandmother, my nephews, and Julja too there had a rest. And that such village are girls, children, discos, songs to the guitar, home in three - four mornings... The mow, free love, moonshine is for me too not a secret, but after all and in a city it is possible to be engaged in the same while parents are not present the house. The mow is not necessary, so all is not necessary it pripletat!

Ruslan Kravtsov.
Foto Stasa Levshin.