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Oreshchuk the Forward Petersburg " has found the bride

; the Dynamo has proposed to the girlfriend and will soon celebrate a wedding


- Katya especially is not interested in football, - has told the Novel to our correspondent. - and here on a match my friend, zenitovets Vladislav Radimov, with the girl has gone. Well and Katya have decided to take for the company.

- it liked game?

- in five minutes after the beginning she has asked Vladislav: And where our gate? - Oreshchuk has smiled. - Certainly, she rejoiced, when I hammered. Only has very strongly frozen! (In Peter the temperature has fallen to day of a match below zero and barrels the strongest wind. - a bus comment)

- a leah the Double is devoted Katya?

- certainly to it!

- and how you have got acquainted?

is it was very ridiculous! In the beginning of July of last year I have come into restaurant with the girl with whom has just got acquainted. Also has suddenly seen behind the next little table of three little girls. One of them so was pleasant to me! And while I looked at it, it has paid off and left. Certainly, if I with the companion was familiar for a long time, would not dare to run out for other girl... And so left after Katya. Have got acquainted, has asked for it phone number and after a while has called. First met seldom. All - taki I constantly that on trainings, on games, on departures. And Katya studies on the fourth year of faculty of journalism of St.Petersburg State University. But eventually we have decided to live together, and three weeks ago I have made to Katya the proposal. Only we were not defined yet with wedding date. If to play, many friends acting in the Prime minister - League in the summer, cannot arrive. And if in the winter - there can not arrive my close friend Dima of Crests who now plays Spanish Real of Sosedad . Here also I am broken off between two fires!

- as the future mother-in-law has concerned to what the daughter will marry the football player?

- her mother even more daughters worries about my football affairs! On a broader scale Katiny parents have accepted me very well, as native. And on May feasts my parents from Novorossisk will arrive. Them with the bride I will acquaint.

the bride

Katya has incurred Cares of the house. But also the novel of homework does not avoid - can and prepare, and a nail to hammer.

- I after all in 16 years have left the house! - has told Oreshchuk. - Abroad eight years played. So school of a bachelor has passed the good. Also prepared first itself when it was necessary to save on much. Already much could dare to employ the servant as there was no time at a plate to stand later. But now I have refused it, though and on Katya all homework I try not to dump.

- gifts the bride indulge?

- certainly! But it nepriveredliva. Though would not tell that such the modest woman. On a broader scale it is not pleasant to me, when speak: I am a girl modest. Only you present to me two rings and one brilliant . Modesty - concept extensible. I like Katya such what is. Certainly, every day she does not ask to give money or to buy any new thing. I and itself see that it is necessary to get.

- what gift was the last?

- a jeans jacket.

- It turns out, for the finance you respond...

- certainly. I solve all monetary questions. It seems, Katya about it has nothing against.

- And what it the person on character?

- can Sometimes flare up, but very quickly departs. And if it is not right, will always apologise. At me just the same character. Therefore I do not like people who long carry offence in itself. On a broader scale Katya for me - an ideal of the woman.

the car

- On trainings you is carried by the bride. And where your magnificent silvery jeep?

- has burnt down. To parking have set fire, while I was in holiday. Six cars has burnt down, and my jeep Mercedes including. Now I without the car. I plan to get by the summer something, but expensive car I will already not take. All - taki it earlier I worked on myself, and now it is necessary to think first of all of a family. So I will stop on inexpensive folksvagene or BMW.

- days off as spend?

- to cinema we go, to friends or simply we walk on a city. As to concerts basically we go on satirists. I like such actions to visit. And still very much I want to get for creative evening of Anastasia Volochkova but while it has never turned out. When it in a city acts, the command always appears on departure.

- in Peter any favourite places are?

- is not present. I like a city. Here still roads to Petersburg would be better!

the house

While the future family rents apartment. But already will shortly get own habitation.

- I have bought apartment in the under construction house, - have explained the Novel. - we will live on Vasilevsky island as I very much like this area. However, mine

13 - j the floor is not completed yet, but in half a year the house promise to hand over.

- really baker`s dozen does not frighten?

- is not present. I and on base in 13 - m number live. Certainly, I have any superstitions, but to open them I do not want.


Oreshchuk is assured that Petersburg the Dynamo Will necessarily carry out a problem for a season - leaves in the Prime minister - League. Therefore in inter-season period at all did not begin to consider tempting offers from the Russian and foreign clubs.

- before commands of Premieres - Leagues are not present thrill?

- and whom there to be afraid? It is necessary to leave and play simply. At us the good command, many players have passed school of the higher battalion, therefore very much want to return there. To everyone is as to whom to prove. At me now is a little more whole: to help the command to solve a task in view, to play at good level in the Prime minister - League and to receive the invitation in the main Russian national team. I after all have passed almost all stages of a national team - from youthful to Olympic! Remains last a tick in the biography to put. Even simply to get to a holder - already any achievement.

- and to play Real not achievement?

- it is necessary to see the matter soberly: Real to me does not threaten! - the Novel laughs. - At me the good manager, and offers to support a boundary is. But it would not be desirable to change Petersburg for any other city. For today I plan to remain here.

- In this season have laid down the aim to hammer in a considerable quantity of goals?

- yes but to sound concrete figure I do not want.

Anastas Penzina.
Foto Stasa LEVSHIN
and from family archive.