Rus News Journal

10 years has lived with the punk

We have got acquainted at the first year university. To both was on 16, both have chosen historical faculty. I have paid at once to it attention - it was not similar to one my acquaintance: the tousled fair hair, rings in ears, T-shirt Sex Pistols. And it conducted itself(himself) not how it is necessary to the well-educated boy: it is noisy entered into audience when lecture was in the heat, never hid the opinion. To all other Anton (so his name is) has appeared also the erudite what it is a little, - it, probably, knew answers to all questions. But that me has definitively struck - its musical taste. Me and earlier the western music " interested; more hard and it seemed to me that I something understand it. But after acquaintance to it has understood that actually I know nothing.

the blonde had a chance

On a broader scale - that, I was at all in its taste. It were pleasant to it ryzhenkie (and I the blonde), and it as got went beyond Lerkoj, one of the most beautiful girls on a course. But it did not react to it in any way. And I had a chance - each time at a meeting I smiled and named it by name.

and it has worked. As - that between times he has invited me to a concert. I was happy over head and ears and even night before it did not sleep. And in some days in target it has unexpectedly called me and has called in the centre to take a walk. So all also has begun.

is closer to an ideal

To me all was pleasant - its environment, music which he loved, its room, zaveshannaja posters of the favourite groups which names simply did not hear the majority, books which he recommended to me to read (basically it were anarchist works), and even its diet (Anton - the basic vegetarian, he does not eat meat and fish from humanity reasons). In a word, I simply listened spellbound to it. Gradually I have had hair cut, recoloured in red colour, have ceased to eat meat, have made a tattoo and have bought boots Doctor Martenz . On a broader scale - that, the short hairstyle to me not so went, but I did everything to correspond to Anton`s ideal.

Skvot and the delayed yoghurts

On a third year we have started to live together. In University we were considered as an unseparable couple. Once a week we stably went on concerts, and of them Anton suited some itself - the punk - groups searched for contacts with foreign and invited them in Peter. They spent the night, as a rule, at us. So I have got acquainted with a large quantity of German, Finnish, Swedish, French punks. And then we have started to go abroad, to them on a visit. So, from acquaintances to acquaintances we have ploughed up a floor - Europe. However, conditions were offered us such that turgenevskie young ladies in a faint will fall at once. Slept on a floor (the majority of our friends - people poor). Happened, it was necessary to go on a backyard of the big supermarkets - there it was possible to find yoghurts, bread, fruit at which has almost expired working life. Them it is possible to take free. On pankovskom a slang it is called nishtjaki and many eat it. For us, eternally impecunious, it was the present rescue.

and if we came to a city where we did not have acquaintances searched skvot where it would be possible to spend the night on a freebie. As a matter of fact is the settled house in an emergency status which is grasped by punks and live there. To themselves they start up only the.

if will carry, in such house there is an electricity and water. The worst variant - there is not present anything, even mattresses on which it is possible to sleep.

the Dane - razluchnitsa

And suddenly unexpectedly all has failed. Anton has received the invitation from the Danish friends to go on an anarchist seminar for couple of weeks. When it has left, I have understood at once - something has occurred. Anton seldom called and talked as - that cool. And when it has returned, declared to me that has fallen in love with other girl. It the Dane and for five years is more senior it. On a photo I have understood at once that it is its ideal - small, is bright - red, with ear rings in an eyebrow and a lip.

an epilogue

Since we have left and have parted, my life has become empty. I have understood that 10 years all these I lived only its interests, communicated only with its friends, and when it has left - anything at me do not remain. I began to be ill often, stably I catch a cold once a month. I am overstocked with goods by tablets from a headache and immutable ferveksom .

I still hope that we will be together. I write often to Anton on elektronke . Sometimes he responds. But is more often asks to leave him alone, to let it think. While, as far as I know, to Denmark to the girlfriend it does not gather.