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The cat was rescued by days

12 - summer Siamese beauty Sjuzi has jumped in the ventilating hatch, having been frightened of sanitary technicians

on December, 17th, on Wednesday, all the day in apartment 49 - the summer inhabitant of a military camp in Peskah Nadezhdy Morozovoj sanitary technicians by the sweat of the brow worked. And when they have left, the mistress has not found out the house a Siamese cat of Sjuzi. Has looked in a sofa, on corners - it is useless. And here has heard the plaintive miaow reaching from a toilet.

- I have opened a door of the case covering a pipe over a toilet bowl, and have gasped: miaow of Sjuzi reached whence - that from below, - the woman to the correspondent " has told; it there has got, the Hope has thought at once. Siamka Sjuzi with Hope live many years together, and the cat awfully is afraid of men. And here, as to spite, sanitary technicians have come. Poor Sjuzi for fear and siganula in an aperture between panels, and it deep.

the hope has called to the aid rescuers. Those have arrived, but have told what to hollow a concrete wall it is possible only with the permission of ZHEU, and night. Rescuers have left, and to the captive have suspended in an aperture a bait - a slice of boiled sausage, moreover and with its valerian have anointed. But the cat on this cunning was not bought.

night without a break the Hope watched near a case, naming a cat the most tender names. And that only plaintively mewed.

next day rescuers undertook to expand an aperture, in which Sjuzi has fallen to thrust there a hand. The first has tried to take Sjuzi Nadja, but only has wounded to itself a hand. And the cat mewed all zhalobnee. To it have allowed to have a rest minutes 15, and new attempt was carried out already by someone from rescuers. The guy has removed from itself a uniform and has dexterously pushed a hand in a narrow aperture. As a result frightened siamku have exposed for a head.

- Sjuzi was in the shock, all dirty, long sniffed at corners while has understood that she houses, - tells Hope.

meal of Sjuzi has refused flatly. But after a heat bath has much got drunk waters and has fallen asleep it is sweet, as the baby.

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