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More strong for OSAGO keep, the driver!

in number from December, 18th we have told to you how to identify the false policy OSAGO which presence becomes necessary already since January, 1st of new year

But the basic sense of the insurance consists not simply in policy purchase only to avoid the penalty. An essence of insurance that in case of road accident you can be quiet. If to you will not carry also you catch up on ice a foreign car lose a fair headache - how to pay its repair. In a case when the pedestrian appears the victim, all expenses on treatment will be incurred too by your insurance company.

our employee already could update the autocitizen. Here is how there was a business.

all when - that happens for the first time. Here and I have got to road accident on own fault. A bumper of the tojoty protsarapala left bokovinu new tens . The driver of VAZ persuaded me to understand on a place - simply to pay to it pair of thousand dollars. But on provocation I have not given in. Has come to master time the insurance. Has first of all called insurers. The most difficult was to explain, where there was a collision, - because of nerves I have forgotten names of streets. The rest occurred by itself. Even to me it was not necessary to call employees of traffic police - dispatchers of the insurance company have taken care of it.

in 20 minutes on a place there was an insurance commissioner who has made all gaugings. He has politely explained to me how to make out the form which to me have given out together with the policy, and what package of documents should be brought then in company office.

then were slowly tightened the inspector of the traffic police, issued the report. Further - standard visit of all participants of road accident to regional branch of traffic police for official registration of papers. Next day - visit to the investigator who has taken out the decision that I the originator of failure. With the rights, the inquiry on road accident, the traffic police report, the technical coupon and the checkup coupon in two days I have approached in company office. And all!

I needed to find only a workshop in which will more cheaply repair my bumper...


in What image should operate the driver who has got to road accident?

to Call employees of traffic police, fast (if it is necessary) to call in dispatching service of the insurance company and to report the matter. Thus do not recognise the fault, and simply describe, how there was a road accident.

On a place of accident in the presence of the inspector of traffic police to fill the notice on incident for the insurance company. Thus do not recognise the fault, and simply describe, how there was a road accident. The notice form stands out together with policy OSAGO.

Business passes to the investigator who defines the originator. Having received the notice on road accident, the insurance company within five days examines the car of the victim.

to Carry the inquiry issued in traffic police on road accident and the report in the insurance company. It will direct you to the independent appraiser defining a damage, put to the car.

Under the estimation certificate the insurance company within 15 days will make payment to the victim.

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