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In America Careful the Well-known figure skater drew now naked muzhiks

creates not only on ice, but also on a paper

that has changed in life of our eminent figure skaters after the Olympic Games - 2002, the correspondent has learnt firsthand. Elena Berezhnaja whom we have met at cosy Japanese small restaurant on the Petrograd party has told about it to it.

- why you so love Japanese cuisine?

- it easy. And it that is necessary for sportsmen. The first time has tried it in Japan. Interesting, but a land not such the thing extended there. And this dish in different parts of the world differs. At us in many institutions deliver fish not fresh, and frozen. And any more so it is tasty it turns out. (And Elena Berezhnoj`s favourite dish from Japanese cuisine - Fudzhijama: an eel, avocado, tobiko (caviar of flying fish), ukachi (a smoked eel), sauce, an omelette. Also washes down this all with tea Japanese limonnik .)

- you soon again leave to America?

- yes. On January, 1st in seven mornings! Next day - the first show. All them will be 60. We will finish in the middle of April. Then 13 more performances in Canada to the middle of May. The schedule rigid - four evenings we go for a drive, then day of rest. Show lasts two hours, then at once we embus or the plane and we go to other city. In hostel it is come to three - four mornings. It is good, if it is possible to fall asleep. In the evening again performance. For the third day already all body is ill, lomit. Sometimes it is necessary to drink soporific. To sleep - that it is necessary. Though I am not fond of it. Has got used to fall asleep with the book.

- as you are accepted by transatlantic public?

- now in America figure skating on recession. Imagine, 60 cities - and any packed house. If comes thousand seven spectators - already fine. People there are terribly frightened by terrorism. Are afraid to go on large actions. And tickets this year were very expensive. Children`s - 50 - 70 dollars. In a new season if on stadium there is a family, the child will start up free of charge.

- to that devote free time?

- to apartment repair, as, however, and Anton. One and a half year we potter. My new dwelling is in the street Ryleyev. The old house completely reconstructed and have built on two floors. Apartment three-room, a total area of 120 square metres.

- do not plan to transport from Nevinnomyssk relatives?

- mum will not arrive. The climate Petersburg does not approach it on a state of health. And then she to me has told: Here there will be grandsons, with them will sit . The Younger brother studies, then, I think, to army will go. And the senior is engaged in family cafe Aksel .

- And you do not want cafe to open in Peter?

is here Anton gathers. Opens together with friends restaurant near to the Moscow station on five hundred seats. I do not participate yet. Perhaps, I will take part in any other project - at them ideas much.

- the Trainer do not aspire to become?

- it is possible to become the trainer at any moment. This trade will not escape from you anywhere. Something simply would be desirable to try new. And then, I as will present that every day it is necessary to stand at a side, to someone something to knock... People, truth, approach often and ask: Lenochka, and you yet do not train? And here we wanted the child to give that to figure skating . And what to me with children to do? Any figure skater can train them.

- means, you are ready to work with skilled sportsmen?

- I simply know, how it to do...

- you have told that mum waits for grandsons. In the near future it is possible?

- in the nearest is not present. After obligatory.

- not so long ago you have been noticed on ball with the young man...

- business was on Pushkin to ball! Around continuous descendants of counts. Well to tell... On - rich people live. To us so not to live and if to live, not for long (laughs). And as to the young man its grandfather floated on the yacht SHtandart . In general, the man with noble roots. I, to tell the truth, do not love a party. It is more pleasant to me to walk in Peterhof, Pushkin with friends.

- among them there are figure skaters?

- all not from the sports world. At me not so it is a lot of close people. I or start up the person in the life, or was not present. And whom to let in, I feel at once. Intuitively. With many of a present environment has got acquainted recently. And only one girlfriend intimate. I God mum of its child.

- and what you in men appreciate?

- and that in you to appreciate - that (laughs).

- Well someone calls you sympathy?

- Tolstoys precisely are not pleasant to me. What? That were not more younger me... And on a broader scale - that, at me already is the man, but I will not describe it.

- here is how! Then name at least one quality which it possesses.

- one quality? So does not happen. However, it is important, that the person respected you.

- and to love that, it is not necessary?

- the Love is a banal word, loud. It often use very much not for the designated purpose.

- we will talk about other love. To art. You, I know, draw...

is it is loudly told. So, I am fond at leisure.

- whose portrait you have last time drawn?

is there was one of my girl-friends. The similar desire comes spontaneously. I draw and at once I give. By the way, Anton to represent on a paper so plainly and it was not possible. To it hard long to remain sitting on one place. Therefore there are only small sketches when he eats or sleeps.

- in America you attended art school. To that have learnt?

are there were courses for fans. The teacher -

70 - the summer woman. Learnt to put a hand. Drew basically from life. I was in shock, did not know where to disappear. Every day naked men, girls, old women, huge thick aunts. But there is nothing, money - that is paid. One model even has told that my work was pleasant to it more than the others. In America I have a familiar family at which I stop. There there were very successful portraits which even are pleasant to me. And the very first portrait was Tamaras Moskvinoj. Still drew Putin at a state reception after the Olympic Games.

- there is a desire to develop ability?

- desire - that is. But it is very difficult to find the teacher who would come home. But the big new apartment will give such possibility.

Dmitry Ivans.
Foto Stasa Levshin.