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The clumsy lives in a cellar

10 - a monthly brown bear on a nickname of Malyshobljuboval one of houses on Moskovsky prospectus

Some evenings successively passers-by on Moskovsky prospectus observe unusual show: in the evenings the man of average years walks a large brown bear cub. That, in a muzzle and on a lead, peacefully follows the owner, sometimes sniffing at pools in search of something tasty. The most curious have tracked walk and have found out that the owner has got the clumsy pupil... In a cellar.

meticulous tenants have there and then called in all instances: in militia, rescue service, on television... Such quantity of visitors to an unfortunate bear cub it was not necessary to see yet.

the Builders repairing a cellar, have not given an animal in offence. Soon the owner clumsy - Vasily who has brought all bear documents here has approached.

- at the Kid that`s OK - both the residence permit is, and the passport special, animal. To carp there is nothing, - has told to the correspondent worker Arutjun. - So militiamen all have checked up and have left. Here, in a cellar, he lives temporarily while the owner will not find to it constant habitation.

Vasily works as the photographer - removes in streets of children together with the pupil. As he said, it is pleasant to people. By the way, the Kid not Vasily`s first model. To it there was one more bear whom it has given to a zoo later.

- for now we look after the Kid, - tells Arutjun. - In day on three hundred roubles for meal we spend. We feed with porridges, fruit, spice-cakes. From shops next products bring. Our Kid very nice, and all love it. Even buyers with children, come that an apple will treat, a sweet. In general, it at us here as cheese in butter goes for a drive.

... While builders work, the bear sleeps on boards. On a broader scale, clumsy the neighbour of builders - very quiet and unpretentious animal. porykivaet, only when it would be desirable to drink. Having drunk up water half-buckets, again keeps within more conveniently on boards and falls asleep. Winter all - taki...

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