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Gas attack to a skating rink to Kolpino

During a hockey match of nurseries komandljudi fainted

On Saturday evening on a covered skating rink of stadium Izhorets to Kolpino there was a state of emergency. A children`s ice-hockey team the Locomotive accepted contemporaries from Moscow, and during the next pouring of ice to one of young hockey players Loko and also the girl on a tribune it became bad. Have been there and then called fast hospital attendants and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. As a result of investigation it was found out that young men have poisoned with carbonic oxide. Weather is unstable now. From - for differences of temperatures exhausts from zalivochnoj the cars usually leaving upwards, have accumulated this time in the bottom part of a skating rink. Besides the ice unit has appeared not the first freshness and puffed as a steam locomotive.

it is natural, game have there and then stopped and have cancelled the following duel. 13 - the summer boy has soon come to the senses, and here the girl has taken away fast . However, according to edition, she has left hospital almost at once as there it has appeared.

- very much I regret about happened, - the director of sport club " has commented on a situation; the Locomotive Dmitry Matveev. - On the nearest games we take from somebody zalivochnuju the car in rent, and then we will necessarily buy the new.


Yesterday in 528 - j to school that in the street Kollontaj, in a dining room have poisoned children. In a throat at them zapershilo, eyes have begun to water. Pupils could not breathe neither a nose, nor a mouth. It was found out that two eleventh-graders have sprinkled from ballonchika Shock . As a result of many pupils toshnilo also tore. For evacuation of twenty three persons it was required five ambulance cars which have taken away children in infectious hospital on Bucharest. There from them took analyses, have made the electrocardiogram and have left for the night.

by the way, self-defence means Shock It is made in Petersburg. In it the extract of burning pepper is filled in. Contents hundred-gramme ballonchika correspond approximately to three tons of pepper. On free sale Shock costs 70 - 100 roubles. It is popular thanks to action both on drunk, and on dogs. In 2003 some cases of dispersion " are registered; Shock at schools.


Svetlana Minchenko, the assistant to the head physician of children`s hospital 5, recommends to make in case of a gas poisoning sledushchee.

1. Wash out eyes and rinse a throat a considerable quantity of water of room temperature.
2. In eyes drip albucid.
3. Drink for irritation removal much.

Dmitry Ivans, Edward Vorotnikov.