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Do not touch symbols of Petersburg

In days narodnyhguljany mnogiepamjatniki suffer affliction from vandalism

So-called festivals from which the most mass is, of course, the meeting of New year, do not pass completely for a city. In the most bad sense of this word. Already today, having surveyed some Petersburg masterpieces, employees of Committee on protection of monuments sound alarm - cities some of symbols can and not sustain a forthcoming rough feast.
for example, Rostral columns. Four years ago well-known to Petersburgers beacons have been capitally restored. And now on sculptural groups are found out skoly, scratches, cracks... At grey-haired and bearded Volkhov have broken away a toe. First of all sculptures have suffered, as experts, from vandals consider.
to klodtovskim to horses on Anichkovom to the bridge (recently to one of them tried to saw off a head), townspeople Treat badly griffins on the Bank bridge (on their backs constantly something write), to park sculptures (one of these days have destroyed Apollo on island Elaginom). On Sverdlovsk quay vandals have dumped from a pedestal of lions, they should be restored and strengthened. Till this time of more than hundred years to anybody in a head did not come to try on defenceless animals the force. From the Copper horseman in the last winter teenagers suited a hill. Adults, as a rule, to children did not do remarks - let play. On Palace Square the tipsy friends has fun at the Alexandria column.
employees of Committee on protection of monuments have not remembered any case that the vandal have detained and have made answerable - except for single instances when vagabonds handed over bronze memorial boards in breakage.
this year law enforcement bodies have promised with might and main to keep order. Will bear fighting watch only in the centre of Petersburg on the night of January, 1st of 1500 employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, 400 more person will make a reserve of the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. In public order protection will involve employees of the private security enterprises and national combatants.
on Palace Square of townspeople will pass, examining. The input there with glass bottles will be prohibited.
by the way, article 214 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Vandalism provides punishment for defiling of monuments and property damage in public places the penalty at the rate from 50 to 100 minimum wage rates (5 - 10 thousand roubles), corrective works for the term from 6 months about one year or arrest for the term up to three months.
As though you punished vandals? The opinion you can phone in edition (812 310 - 34 - 34 today, on December, 24th, with 15. 00 to 16. 00 or the electronic letter to omnibus@kppublish address. ru