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The cat again will go on a spree

5, 6, on January, 7th at Comedy theatre - the fantastic premiere

the Remarkable fairy tale the Cat who walked in itself Rudyard Kipling has appeared so: the four-year daughter of writer Effi loved, that before going to bed the father told to it fairy tales. The fairy tale on a cat so was pleasant to Effi that she again and again asked to tell it, and did not allow to change words - so it is good it it has remembered. And in 1902 the Cat... has opened the collection Small fairy tales to which Kipling himself has drawn drawings. a cat who walked in itself is a history about love, faithfulness, friendship and how not simply to save up them. The boy - the protagonist - opens for itself the world new, strange and attracting. And then it appears on a boundary, having passed which cannot remain the former silly little chap any more because the most surprising that has opened to it, is the Universe of human feelings and relations which so are uneasy and many-sided.

in statement take part: Xenia Katalymova, Natalia Tkachenko, Tatyana Vorotnikova, Vitaly Kuzmin, Yaroslav Vorontsov, Irina Sotikova, Natalia Shostak, Andrey Zajtsev, Natalia Burmistrova, Irina Korovin, Andrey Rodimov, Nikolays, Alexey Vasilev`s Michael.

Performance which was thought up by director Vladimir Tumanov and artist Stefanija Graurogkajte, is a both philosophical parable, and bright naughty action which will carry away also children and adults.

Olesya Pavlova.