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What we will drink?

Petersburg manufacturers stake on quality and traditions

Now on counters abundance of every possible alcoholic production. From labels of wines and cognacs rjabit in eyes. Weight of new names and stamps. But among them meet also well familiar, for a long time to us known. It sometimes simply game on nostalgic feelings. The old name undertakes and is attached to absolutely new product. But happens that behind the old stamp that we remember disappears and we love. Well who from fans of good wines and cognacs does not remember the name Samtrest ? Flavouring receptors instantly respond at a sound of this word. For the Soviet people it was a symbol of quality and traditions of the winemaking connected with Georgia. Where - where, and there to these traditions of a century. Samtrest truth, was slightly younger.

and all began in far 1929. Then, under the decision of Sovnarkoma, for the organisation of realisation of Georgian wines and cognacs in different cities of the Country of Advice have been created it is industrial - marketing bases. Initially it was called Trust of national manors of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic . It is a little later has been transformed to trust of the Soviet economy Samtrest . In Leningrad factory Samtrest has appeared in 1934. And all such factories in the country was nine. Now there was one, in Petersburg. It is thought, it is not necessary to list all reasons which have led to such result. One thoughtless antialcoholic campaign of that costs. But we will better talk, how Petersburg Samtrestu it was possible to save high quality and not to drop the stamp of the enterprise.

wine is, first of all, people. Samtrest always was famous for the sweet both semisweet wines and cognacs. A high rank the wine maker did not allow its experts to drop the stamp. The main thing that it was possible to save on Samtreste are shots. Masters study at masters. Experience is passed from the person to the person and collects for years. No textbook will help with it.

at an amateurish sight, wine is simply begun to ferment grape juice, and cognac - the same juice after distillation. Actually drinks create. The grapes which have been grown up on one slope of a mount, can give wine different in taste. Here plays a role and a soil kind, and light exposure, and many other things. Experts Samtresta think much to vinomaterialam from which create the drinks. Them carefully select. It is got vinomaterial both from Argentina, and from Chile, and from the republic of South Africa. There were also traditional suppliers from Georgia, Moldova, managed to save quality. With cognacs too not all so is simple. Samtrest buys only branded konjachnye spirits with endurance not less than 5 - 7 years in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Younger cognacs, unfortunately, yet do not correspond to high requirements of the enterprise. Add to it preservation of production technologies. Before getting to consumers, wines and cognacs should pass weight of stages. Exclude from a technological chain at least one of them, and the result will be pitiable. And our people, fortunately, start to understand and understand that drinks.

at all different taste. To someone cognac is lovelier, someone loves dry, and someone sweet wines, and to someone is lovelier sweet tinctures. As the seller to the buyer estimating wine on an inscription on a label has told in one film: Respected, wine do not read, it drink . The nobility suffices mark Samtrest .

on it counts also a new management Samtresta . Now, in its opinion, the enterprise has a good base platform for a quantum leap. There are traditions, there are skilled shots, there is a good base. It gives the chance to involve investments and to put means in manufacture upgrade, purchase of the modern equipment. It is contributed also by a state policy. The rate on large manufacturers now becomes. Basically they can guarantee quality of production. The one who will count on quality now will win, consider on Samtreste . In Petersburg and Moscow a situation still decent, and regions are flooded by bad quality alcohol. But also there the people start to be an expert in drinks. And it means that on Samtreste have chosen a correct position. Finally from it in a prize and all of us are consumers and manufacturers.

Maxim Koncharov.
Foto Artema MISHUKOVA.