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Tatyana Parfyonov it is so great that already presumes to itself everything, everything. For example, epatirovat more than one and a half hour expectation the solid public who has gathered for its display in the Taurian palace. Eventually, in such style of a defile there is a charm - an anticipation of a feast always better, the a feast. The the new collection of the recognised Petersburg couturier, already " is more that; otkatannaja on a Week of haute couture in Moscow, and is called the Feast . In what Tatyana Parfyonov suggests it to meet? The answer is obvious: in in what it will be cheerful not only to you, but also associates.

the stylish girl carries baletki

Heels can be removed! The small direct pink dress is decorated by a jabot from gentle green rozochek and moves together with opaque dark kolgotami and shoes - baletkami on flat to a course. It is not less trick in so laconic dress from the pearl atlas whose before is decorated by application of that a black vesper dress . For fans of petards and salutes in the open air to evening dresses celebratory coats free " are added; About - a silhouette in Jacqueline Kennedy`s style: qualitative wool sdublirovana the embroidered figured tulle. Warmly and well, but nevertheless is not present - is not present and will seem that new girl Parfenovoj long saved money for the new dress, but not on all has sufficed: has managed mum`s and grandmother`s, extracted with mezzanines.

words I blinded it from this that was it is quite possible to carry to the creative approach on creation of the New Year`s dress. Rummage, at last, on mezzanines, combine incompatible and become in the night from 31 - go on 1 - e hardly more safely, than were still yesterday. Parfyonov offers distinct a mix from the underestimated waists of times of the New Economic Policy, bright paints and intended applications 60 - h and the whole lots shining glamurnosti shops of the Chinese clothes.

the mermaid, the nymph, the fatal beauty, Kolombina, Merilin of Monroe, the strict lady - any of these images you will find in the Feast from Tatyana Parfenovoj.

Shine and poverty of courtesans

Tatyana Parfyonov: - Identical crumbs in identical small black dresses rather have bothered.

Muscovites, seemingly, definitively have moved down from unexpectedness parfenovskih the decisions voiced during Week of haute couture. They by naivety thought that in Petersburg to shine as though nestilno that in Petersburg as though prefer only nonspottable grey and brown. As they were mistaken! This year Parfyonov suggests to shine. To sew type jackets Alla Pugacheva again young but shining, emerald colour with an embroidery brightly - pink. Silver roses, gold strips, a tulle with a spark and gold cheshujki magic fish of a carp. Brocade and the atlas finished with crystal from Svarovski, gilt buttons. Shine more brightly and do not remain not noticed!

an epoch of the embroidered beds on things from Parfenovoj remained in the past. Designating symbol of a skirt or a jacket at on - to the present of the stylish girl - photoapplication of a cockerel, a cat or a small fish full-scale selected totemnogo an animal.

Masha Prjazhkina.