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The industrial zone on Tanning flared in the third time for a half-month

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday on the Tanning line of Vasilevsky island in the former factory of a name of Belief Slutsky there was a terrible fire

the Signal about kindling in Joint-Stock Company territory the Trading house the Narva fair has entered a call centre of fire protection in 01. 46. The firemen who have arrived on a scene already through schitanye have appropriated minutes to a fire 2 - j complexity number. In 02. 12 has been appropriated 3 - j number, in 02. 34 - 4 - j, and in half an hour it became clear that it is the higher, 5 - j complexity number.

as has told the deputy chief a press - services UGPS of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Tatyana Skrigonjuk, fire has arisen on the second floor of one of the cases belonging to the Narva fair and rented Open Companies the Eurohouse . The flame has promptly reached a roof. Firemen would manage to tame quickly elements, if not a gale which that night reached speed of 18 m/ c. On a place 37 units of technics and 136 firemen worked. The situation became complicated that in the given case furniture manufacture has been adjusted. And at the moment of kindling the night shift here worked. Firemen managed to evacuate 26 persons. Only in 08. 30 fire has been liquidated, but more till 14 o`clock was conducted prolivka.

the Result of this incident has appeared is terrible. Three men with poisonings with carbonic oxide hospitalised in scientific research institute of first aid by it. Dzhanelidze. Two from them - - were 50 and 30 years in a grave condition. 24 - the summer woman has jumped out of a window of the second floor when the exit from a premise has been cut off by a fiery wall. With crisis of a forearm and a brain concussion in a status of moderate severity level it have taken away in Pokrovsk hospital. At 42 - the summer working woman of manufacture the fire has called a strong nervous shock and shock. Physicians could render it on-site assistance. To come to the senses after endured the woman there will be houses. Two more person were lost. One of them - the man 1970 year of birth. The person and age of the second are established.

the material damage still should be estimated. Has in total burnt out 2200 sq. m of the area. It is remarkable that for last two weeks it already the third fire in industrial zone territory. In 2003 it became the fire second for the bill in Petersburg which extinguished under the highest number of complexity. The first has occurred in the spring at the enterprise the Pigment .

Anna Kostrova.