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Rescue our souls...

on questions of readers responds glavnyjspasatel to Severo - the West of Russia Alexander EFREMOV

to Severo - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia - the structure which experts help to prevent all misfortunes and tragedies with our region. To rescuers call, when the river has overflowed banks and threatens to deluge vicinities, rescuers will help, if burn wood or an ice floe with the fisherman carries away from coast. Here three years as under the authority of the Ministry of Emergency Measures there are firemen. For 11 months of leaving 2003 by fighters of Severo - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have been rescued more than 1000 persons, the help to eight more thousand is rendered. On the eve of a professional feast of military men marked today in Russia and the civil personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Measures - Day of rescuers - on a visit at chief Severo - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia the general - lieutenant Alexander Efremov has visited.

Phone of hope 01

(Hello, Alexander Ivanovich! My name is Tatyana. I from Kareliya. Tell where to call to rescuers that they have arrived faster?

- since November, 1st of this year in Russia uniform phone of a life-saving service and fire protection - 01 is accepted.

(I live near to your regional centre. Our house - an exact copy of the house which have failed on Dvinsky. We, tenants, were converted behind the help into the device of the plenipotentiary of the president with the message that in our house there are cracks on a vertical. Till now any answer it is not received. How to be in such situation?

- bring a copy of the letter to us. We will look, in what of a problem, and we will help to put your house on control.

- and how these emergency houses are supervised? What to do to us, tenants?

- you need to observe of a status of the houses and to notify housing bodies and our controls GO and CHS, up to the regional centre. If in a cellar there is a water is an occasion to fears. Water washes away the base. Public utilities should take measures that water have pumped out. We with complaints to emergency houses send letters on consideration of the commission on administration emergency situations on places and then we make the decision on each concrete building.

(on the Science prospectus in one of houses near metro station Academic the apartment recently burnt, people have suffered. Firemen have arrived only in half an hour. They have got to a stopper?

- on the given fact it is necessary to make investigation. This criminal case. If people have suffered, it is necessary to understand. Though also the problem of stoppers on many highways of Petersburg exists. It not a secret. No means always private traders make way for fire-engines going with included signals and ambulances. The state fire service to us have passed recently - three years ago. Problems there big - do not suffice people. The icon setting at employees 2 - 2,5 thousand roubles.

(I live near Juntolovsky reserve and, walking in the summer in park, often I see that peat burns. What to do? Where - that to run, call? Or to extinguish most?

- peatbogs should not be extinguished in nowise. Very dangerous, it is possible to fail and burn down this business alive. Certainly, to inform firemen it is necessary.

(last year on New Year`s feasts have forbidden to sell petards. This year the same will be?

- new year it is traditional the period of the raised readiness of all our services. Often fires occur from - for uses by people of sub-standard pyrotechnic means. Everything that is connected with open fire, especially dangerously. Sale of the petards which do not have the corresponding certificate and unsafe for health, will be forbidden, as well as last year. And still - the order of heads of administrations of almost all settlements of our region, as well as in Petersburg, it is forbidden to sell even the certificated pyrotechnics from trays in streets. The risk of acquisition by people dangerous " is too great; left products so, someone can suffer...

who rescues us

(Alexander Ivanovich, my name is Irina, I call from Kaliningrad. Tell, and where prepare professional rescuers?

- under the authority of our Ministry of Emergency Measures exist special military - educational institutions which prepare officers. Ordinary rescuers are soldiers - srochniki which call up for military service for two years, as in army or on fleet. If to speak about civil experts who too at us are many of our best people started to comprehend bases of saving business at school when were trained in health and safety bases. I would like to underline that rescuers are people who own at once several trades and many skills (for example, the skin-diver, the parachutist, the cave explorer, gazoelektrosvarshchika, the crane operator and the driver of the car simultaneously). In an ideal it would be desirable, that at each school there was a special class. We turn out experience and in a new direction - creation of student`s saving groups. On the basis of higher educational institutions we form the stands. After all the rescuer it is not simple a trade. It if want, a state of mind of the person, ready to risk for the sake of another and to work, despite very small salary.

- and a leah take in rescuers of girls?

- take. In student`s saving groups there are girls. Military men - women serve in many our divisions and controls. However, there are mental and physiological restrictions. The rescuer should manage to lift and pull out the person, force and endurance is for this purpose necessary. The woman can work in a film logic life-saving service, in service of medicine of accidents. If to speak about fire service and there girls work is state fire supervision.

- and how much pay to rescuers?

- depending on klassnosti

5 - 6 thousand roubles. To 10 the master of the international class receives.

(you Sergey Ivanovich disturbs. I call from Petersburg. In due time your officers have helped us with heating. Now we live in heat. Tell, and how affairs with a room question at your people are? They shared, what not all officers at you have habitation. How there, for example, colonels who have helped us - Smirnov, Maslov?

- the Housing problem remains actual. Only across St.-Petersburg nearby 700 persons at us without apartments. I mean employees of a fire service, officers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Maslov Andrey Aleksandrovich lives in Sertolovo and by a living space is provided. Evgenie Evgenevich Smirnov rents apartment, but, as far as I know, he married recently, receives the housing certificate, by apartment will be provided. I know that concerning that have assisted in acquisition of habitation for our employees, minister Sergey Shojgu was converted directly to the governor of Petersburg. We hope that with Valentina Ivanovny Matvienko`s help in 2004 to us this problem will manage to be solved.

how much is the help

(My name is Sergey Ivanovich, I live on the bank of Ladoga. Tell, a leah will fine fans of ice fishing rescued from ice floes?

- the fans of subglacial fishing risking life, actually a serious problem. Especially in the spring. After all rescue of one person manages in the huge sums. For example, in 2002 we have spent for rescue of fishermen of one million three hundred fifteen thousand four hundred roubles! This year - 770 370 roubles more. Money considerable. They very much would be useful also to us, and subjects of Federation Severo - the West of Russia for the decision of other not less important problems. It would be desirable, that the people leaving on ice contrary to official interdictions of the authorities as - that was compensated by our expenses for their rescue. But a problem that is not present corresponding standard - legal base which would provide responsibility for campaigns on fishing during the periods of a possible separation of ice. We have, of course, developed offers for entering of additions into the new code, they are sent in the Duma, to Moscow. We were supported by the governments of Republic Kareliya, St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region. Besides, the government of Leningrad region already passes the Law on administrative offences by which the interdiction of an exit for ice of citizens during the dangerous periods is provided. For infringements - the penalty.

(Kaliningrad on communication. My name is Nikita Stepanovich. At you now it is a lot of work: fires, the old women who have slammed a door, flooding... And work of your people is connected with the big material and technical expenses. And you are not going to enter a payment for some types of service?

- our rescuers, I mean military men and ministering divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures work free of charge.


In saving divisions Severo - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia five rescuers of the international class. All of them work in regional poiskovo - saving group. It is a chief of group Andrey Bagotsky, its assistant Evgenie Stoljarov, chiefs poiskovo - saving divisions Alexander Shilin, Paul Godin and Vadim Tekov.

it is concrete

In territory of Severo - the Western region operate 33 poiskovo - and under abnormal condition - the life-saving services created and financed at the expense of budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal unions, an aggregate number of 719 persons.

That prepares the FORECAST for us 2004

In territory of Severo - the Western region in 2004 is predicted over 200 emergency situations. Including almost fifty technogenic character and more than 70 natural. In the Vologda area natural cataclysms threaten with flooding, in Republic Komi, Leningrad region forest fires are possible. Under forecasts of rescuers, in 2004 from - for deteriorations of the equipment, gas pipelines the tendency of increase in quantity of explosions of gas and fires in apartment houses will be saved.

rescuers predict that this winter Leningrad region will be the most difficult site of Severo - the Western region. As well as last winters here are possible: floodings of territories, a separation of ice floes, failures in municipal systems, failures on cargo and passenger courts.


the Average salary of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures (rbl.)

the Rescuer - 6500

Fire - 3840

the Officer - 5000 - 10 000

Chief SZSTS - 14 885

our FILE

Efremov Alexander Ivanovich

Was born in 1951 to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij in a family of the military man. In 1972 has with distinction ended the Kiev higher obshchevojskovoe command school. In armies has passed all steps from the commander of a platoon to the commander of a division. Since 1994 ministers in the Ministry of civil defence affairs, emergency situations and to liquidation of consequences of acts of nature (the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia). Since 1998 - chief Severo - the Western regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

the general - the lieutenant, Cand.Tech.Sci. The candidate for the master of sports on sambo-wrestling. It is married. Two adult sons.

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