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In the underground cross ties

past Thursday with 8 till 10 evenings burnt movement on a site of a Petersburg underground from " has been stopped; Garden to Alexander Nevsky`s Areas .

the Reason - a fire in a tunnel between Dostoevsky and Vladimirskiy .

As have told to us in a press - underground service, the under construction stage burnt not working, but: Probably, when - nibud on it trains of a new Frunze line will go... Metrostroevtsy conducted there gas-welding works, from a spark the cross tie has lighted up, and the smoke was pulled on working tunnels to stations . At a fire nobody has suffered, passengers did not evacuate. We will remind that it already the third similar state of emergency which has happened for last month in underground. Two weeks ago for the unknown reason (most likely, from the stub thrown by the machinist) fire in a tunnel between " has flashed; Pioneer and Black small river . Passengers then evacuated from vestibjulej both stations, movement has been suspended at two o`clock.

and even earlier smoke blanketing was between Gostini dvor and Majakovsky . Then also nobody has suffered. According to workers of the Petersburg underground, it is impossible to name all three cases serious. A burnout with human victims, as they said, at us was not.

hope Kositsky.