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The geyser at Mariinsky theatre has transformed the house into a sauna

From - for burst near to theatre of a pipe of apartment in the next building tenants of a communal flat 57 are deluged

Some days ago, houses 3/ 5 - 7 along the street Glinka have solved: we will celebrate New year together, all our amicable apartment. The blessing of a place is a lot of: six rooms, huge kitchen. Past Thursday in the evening their plans have failed. Together with ceilings in apartment.

Nina ShCherbatova was in the room when the roar in the street was suddenly distributed. And the next second in a corridor neighbours ran.

- I at all have not understood that has occurred, - Nina Aleksandrovna remembers. - And suddenly I see: in windows of pairs brings down.

a pipe of hot water supply has broken through directly about this ill-starred house that costs opposite to the Maryinsky Theater. The boiled water pressure was so is strong that the stream has punched asphalt and has shot up, according to eyewitnesses, already to the third floor. Not each geyser possesses such force! The taken off pieces of asphalt and stones porazbivalo windows in the house, and hot water has directed in apartments.

- at me things on a room floated, as waters has poured knee-deep! - Alexey Yudin remembers.

an hour later on crossing of street of Decembrists and channel quay Krjukova the funnel in some metres in diameter was formed. The arrived emergency brigades first of all have surrounded a place of accident, have blocked water and have started to dig a trench to reach a pipe.

in house apartments in the meantime people struggled with failure consequences.

- such sensation was that all of us are in a bath, - Nina ShCherbatova tells. - From - for steam it was visible nothing.

And after a while the present nightmare has begun: in apartment from a ceiling plaster has started to fall.

is still thank God that has hurt nobody! - tenants speak.

on Friday morning the apartment 57 completely reminded a cellar: Wall-paper has lagged behind the walls, all ceilings were wet, things and furniture and have not dried out, floors were blew up by places, and doors have inflated and were not closed. On doors of entrances of several houses announcements that in the house within two days there will be no hot water and heating hang. But also without heating in Nina Aleksandrovny`s room, as in a sauna. And at its neighbour Dmitry to whom stones has broken glasses, opposite - a terrible cold.

on Friday of apartment of the house the house manager has bypassed. According to tenants, repair zhilkontora will do when all premises will dry out. And on Monday in apartment 57 will beat off the remained plaster which can to fail itself also at any moment.

- now what New year here to celebrate?! - Tenants are distressed.

as the person on duty on THAT " has informed; the Admiralty area on Friday in 11. 40 the telephone message has come to regional administration that failure is liquidated also break in a pipe is made. Emergency services did not stop works even at night. Regional housing management will be engaged in repair of apartments.

Anastas PENZINA.
Foto Stasa LEVSHIN.