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Final chords of preparation

the most intense

Before the tercentenary remain Last weeks schitanye weeks. All events, all changes pass under an anniversary sign. And it is explainable: we wait for a feast, the general birthday. We clean to arrival of visitors, we dress up the City. Three years of preparation - the purpose is close, almost reached. It is necessary to polish to shine, it is necessary to add details.

not news that the enormous amount of works has been executed for these years dorozhnikami Petersburg. The basic attention has been given by experts of Committee in an accomplishment and a road economy to the central disctricts of the city that is absolutely natural - here in days of walks and feasts the maximum flow of townspeople is expected. Old streets demanded for a long time repair, anniversary has had very opportunely.

today in work there are some historical objects, to hand over which it is necessary to feasts. It, first of all, bridges of the central part - Troitsk and Ioannovsky, is the Suvorovsky area, a platform at the Copper horseman.

an accomplishment of territory round a monument to Peter, perhaps, most appreciable, most important project of a final stage of preparation. The platform before a monument will be paved by a stone blocks, sidewalks of the Admiralty quay, journey of Decembrists, the Admiralty journey - grey granite plates. The territory part is already paved, the part should be paved in the near future. The first stage of works was carried out in the winter. In this connection on a site it was necessary to build special tents - tepljaki in which it is artificial the temperature was supported pljusovaja. So the technology so cared of durability of a stone covering was observed. In the future the monument will have a green hedge protecting Peter I from encroachments of irresponsible citizens. As a whole work goes the turn, to finish it assume in the end of April.

On Troitsk today restore decorative furniture. All works on strengthening, and actually - to replacement of bridge and road designs, major repairs razvodnogo flight, hydrosystem, tram ways are already finished. Now to a crossing return decor partially lost in Soviet period. Among details - monograms of members of an imperial family, the two-headed eagles crowning granite obelisks, crowns, cartouches, lanterns.

the Ioannovsky bridge - the first Petersburg crossing - also during preparation for anniversary has a little changed external appearance habitual for townspeople, having come nearer as much as possible to historical shape. Easy arcades from limestone are arranged now in the bridge basis. The internal part of the arches is processed by the special structure protecting a laying within 30 years.

predjubilejnym the project creation of a foot zone in the Hydrochloric lane on which there is a well-known Muhinsky school should become final.

Last months before a feast - the most intense, - are told by the head of the organisation - the customer of all roadwork of Petersburg, the chairman of Committee on an accomplishment and a road economy Vladimir Dedjuhin. - to be in time in time, dorozhniki cities work in a particular treatment. We have no possibility, we have no right to refer to weather falsities, on temperature jumps, on an unexpected snowfall. Our problem - to provide necessary for manufacture of works of a condition. To time remains a little, but I am assured that all will be executed .

Nikolays FEODORS.