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Schoolboy Vanja is recommended for a decoration

It has helped to rescue sinking fishermen

In March, 2003 eleventh-graders of school 5 have gone to a campaign to Ladoga. Such campaigns - a component of the program of training of a class of rescuers of this Petrozavodsk school. Have broken, as it is necessary, camp on one of islands. Everyone was engaged in the business.

Ivan Vaniev and Dmitry Shulzhenko have appeared far from all and saw, how not far on lake ice has driven a moon rover - a such self-made construction on huge wheels on which local residents and on any impassability go to any weather on winter fishing. But this time to fishermen has not carried. March ice has appeared thin, and a moon rover has failed in one of thawed patches. Round the car the ice-hole which did not allow neither to fishermen to get out, nor to the run up children who did not have with self neither ropes, nor boards was formed, to help them. Ivan Vaniev has shouted to the friend that that remained just in case at a moon rover and itself has jerked in camp - behind help and the equipment.

fishermen have rescued, and Ivan taking in business the most active part, have presented to a medal For rescue perishing . The medal searches till now for the hero as the guy already ministers in army where spasatelskie skills too for certain were useful to it.

the third year successively at Petrozavodsk school 5 let out the children trained in special classes of rescuers. The gala day for cadets - oath acceptance. Usually it coincides with Day of the rescuer - on December, 27th. However this year dedication solemn ceremony have appointed to December, 25th. Oath words were said more than 50 boys and little girls in the form of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, and by thirty schoolboys - in the customs form (from this year in 5 - j for school prepare also customs officers). Also have sung then the song - a hymn: Our honour of one depends on us .

Boris Matveev.
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