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Last Gangster Petersburg

Andrey Konstantinov has let out the new two-volume book with such name. As the author confirms, it is last release.
- in new books we with my co-author Igor Shusharinym have tried to tell that occurred during the period with 1998 - go for 2003 in St.-Petersburg, - Andrey Konstantinov tells. - in this time there was a set of changes: criminal authorities have left in legal business and became quite successful businessmen. And those who could not be legalised, have left in street gangs. But it is possible to carry similar groupings to the organised crime with the big stretch. In my opinion, our society ozdoravlivaetsja, from a lexicon many terms disappear. For example, such concept, as a gangster roof gradually disappears from use. On its place comes a roof political . In the book the loudest murders and incidents for the past five years, versions of authors and law enforcement bodies are described. On sale Gangster Petersburg will appear in January of the next year.

Elena Egorov.