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Business have postponed for the next year

the Petersburg city court has transferred session about Galina Starovojtovojna`s murder on January, 5th

we Will remind, the deputy of the State Duma Galina Starovojtova has been killed on November, 20th, 1998 at an entrance of the house on Griboedov`s channel, 91.

On a dock six men - Igor Leljavin, Vitaly Akishin, Yury Ionov, Igor Krasnov, Anatoly Voronin, Yury Kolchin. It are natives of the Bryansk region. According to law enforcement bodies, in murder took part six more person which are searched till now. In particular, Oleg Fedosov, suspected that it was the second executor of murder is not detained.

except sister Galina Starovojtovoj Olga and her son, in a city court hall tens journalists have gathered. However their expectations have appeared are vain. After process of an establishment of persons of defendants session has been closed, and the further hearing is transferred for January, 5th. The reason of hitch that Igor Leljavina`s living in Bryansk the lawyer, has affected the patient. It has sent in court a fax with the petition to postpone hearing before its recover. Judge Valentine Kudryashov has made decision to comply this request, having reminded, however, Leljavinu that in case the lawyer will not arrive and on following session, there will be a question on its replacement.

Olga Starovojtova has commented on that fact that hearing is postponed, as follows: If each of us is ill and from - for it begin to postpone sessions we will assort business unboundedly . And business has turned out very weighty, it totals 36 volumes!

several days before, on December, 19th, the City court has rejected petitions of defendants and their lawyers for that consideration was conducted by a jury of assessors, and also about the termination of criminal prosecution and change of a preventive punishment for defendants.

the Office of Public Prosecutor pays attention that the beginning of judicial hearings does not mean the consequence termination. It will proceed until all participants of a crime will be detained.

Anna Lupal.
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