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Near Novgorod the bus with people

Four passengers with crises has overturned and ushibamipopali in hospital

road accident happens in the Novgorod area on 32 - m road kilometre Red Machine tools - Great Novgorod. The driver Ikarusa - 263 following from Novgorod in Ryshevo, has not managed to drive, and as a result the bus has overturned in a ditch. Five persons have suffered, them urgently hospitalised in the central regional hospital. All other passengers (and them was nearby 30) have got off with easy bruises.

as to us have informed in the hospital, all injured during road accident feel well, a two have already written out. At two women - hematomas on hips and feet, at one of victims - 43 - the summer inhabitant of village Bozhonka - shin crisis. According to doctors, in hospital it should spend about one month.

employees of the Novgorod Municipal Department of Internal Affairs now make investigation of circumstances of road accident. This day ice was not, road to this place equal enough. At the bus driver - a work wide experience.

- under the preliminary version, failure has occurred from - that steering draught has broken, - have told to the correspondent in the Department of Internal Affairs. - with such breakage, it is as though ideal it was expensive, failure is inevitable.

Elena Egorov.
great Novgorod.