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165 hours of healthy laughter

At Comedy theatre tomorrow - kapustnik

to the Theatre which has reached full perfection, it is difficult to help something! so Nikolay Pavlovich Akimov - the artist, the director and simply wittiest person has declared. Thanks to Akimovu at Comedy theatre kapustnikovaja the tradition also was born. 55 years ago in its birthday actors have decided to congratulate the master. The invention has appeared successful and has been continued. Since then every year on April, 16th at theatre congratulate jubiljarov - those who has served 10, 15, 20 and more years.

the command which is thinking out kapustnik, is the serious people understanding that such laughter. Alexey Sevastyanov, Leonid Leonids and Lev Lemke - original authors. Present atlanty keeping laughter level up to the mark, - the Lion of Milinder and Valery Nikitenko. They have taken care and of change - Arthur Vaha, Armenak Nakizjan and Sergey Kozik too children not a miss. For these years the huge scenario - more than 7 thousand lines and if 55 kapustnikov have incorporated in one it it should to look almost week or 165 hours is created.

celebrations are absolutely democratic - congratulate all from the cleaner to the main director if it could hold on at theatre first ten years. There are records - already two employees of Comedy theatre have reported for 50 years of work and more two - for 60!

By the way, a word kapustnik according to a legend, has gone from well-known Tatjaninogo of day at the Moscow university. Students, congratulating the rector, made impudent and ridiculous rows, and the wife of the rector of a scorching heat for them cabbage pies. The cabbage has incorporated to representations and it has turned out kapustnik .