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Alfyorov has connected physics and the lyric poet

In the House of scientists the academician has arranged already the fifth Alferovsky tea drinking

the Nobel winner Jores Alfyorov has collected behind the big table with tea and cakes of known Russian scientists, heads of the large enterprises, consuls general and vitse - governor Sergey Tarasova to talk about microelectronics and... Literary mystifications.

the academician is not tired to prove that development of semi-conductor electronics can give an impulse to economy of Russia. But while in our electronic industry sad position. A misfortune Alfyorov named not a lack of money, not brain drain, and nevostrebovannost scientific workings out. For this reason Jores Ivanovich with group of scientists has created the project of Technopark which will be under construction in Shuvalov. The contract on its erection with one German firm is already concluded. In Technopark it will be possible to try to tighten microelectronics to world level. (We will try to tell more in detail about this project in the following numbers.) However, the general director of holding Leninets Anatoly Turchak has noticed, what not all so is bad, - recently, for example, in air the new fighter - a bomber with the radio-electronic complex which does not have analogues has risen. This complex has been developed on Lenintse .

And then Alfyorov and its visitors were switched to the literature. The director of the Pushkin House Nikolay Skatov has told that literary critics have proved: the Quiet Don Sholokhov and only Sholokhov, and handed around " wrote; Pushkin`s Secret notes - grjaznejshaja a pornography - Pushkin at all did not compose. notes skilfully forged under style of the great poet, the American publisher Michael Armalinsky has given out for Pushkin.

In summary Jores Alfyorov has congratulated all happy New Year and has wished success a science.

Andrey Petrov.