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The red nose will meet children from Northern Capital

on January, 8th 300 Petersburg schoolboys will go on a visit to Father Frost to Velikiy Ustyug

they Will go in comfortable 10 - a carload train from the Moscow station. As all these children - children of employees October gland of road have told to us in residence of the Grandfather.

they will stay in Velikiy Ustyug all day. But in this time will see a city, will visit a toy Museum where learn how meet New year in the different countries. Then schoolboys will go directly to the Red nose which house is in 12 kilometres from a city. Children will make excursion on a track of fairy tales where will meet fantastic character Shurshukom who will treat with their baked potato. he/she is the invented character, he treats all with a potato - workers of residence of Father Frost have told to us.

home Petersburg schoolboys will return on January, 10th, just to the termination of winter vacation.

By the way, according to employees of Open Society Father Frost (one of firms which is engaged in reception of tourists in Velikiy Ustyug), now in a city hottest time - every day to the Grandfather there come trains from all ends of the country. Hostels are overflowed, that is why on interested persons to meet Father Frost local residents earn - here the habitation everywhere surrenders.


Since 1998 when there was a residence of the fantastic aged man, to it has come more than 600 thousand letters.

Foto Stasa LEVSHIN.