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Ilya Tcherkasov fines players not painfully, but is insulting

In the eve of New year on a direct line to readers the general director " has come; Zenith Ilya Tcherkasov. It personifies now that new broom which has started on - new to sweep

With what they have come to our favourite club, these bankers, guessed zenitovskie fans? We very much would like, that from telephone conversation with readers admirers Zenith have better learnt new owners of Petersburg football club. Here that from this it has turned out.

Czechs not the richest in Zenith

- Maxim from Kolpino disturbs. How passed negotiations with beginners of the command a Czech Kintslom and Macedonian Shumulikoski?

- In two stages. Representatives Sparta and the Synod have arrived extremely quickly. After several hours of the auctions have issued arrangements on a paper. Then in a city there were players. Too it was necessary to tinker with them. But serious difficulties has not arisen. Now in the Czech football a financial position of many clubs difficult, therefore there also sell football players. We after all did not offer transcendental conditions. In Zenith legionaries far not the most highly paid players.

- be not afraid, what have bought pigs in a poke? After all them at all did not look through.

- to divide with Petrzheloj responsibility for sports result at me desires is not present. But also the bases not to trust the trainer too while are not present. It does not overload our pay-sheets. In this plan of Vlastimil it is absolutely adequate. At it a principle - to invite players whom well knows. Its this right.

- heard, what Andrey Nikolays has left with offence for a club management?

- it was offered to prolong the contract in the beginning of summer. If he then has signed it, in the material plan would win precisely. But even when you paint to the player and the agent all on a piece of paper, they why - that continue to believe the calculations. Certainly, in a Torpedo - the Metallurgist Andrey will receive more than game time, than would have in Zenith . From this point of view its act is logical.

- Peter Konovalov calls from Pushkin. Tell, will be in Zenith to play black attacking Buffur?

- In the middle of a season we have looked at it, but it physically looked poorly. Now, speak, again disassembled. We understand that the invitation of the black football player - a step very responsible. It is necessary that it has necessarily played, differently we will look full idiots. Therefore the question with Buffurom remains opened.

- hello, it is Anatoly Semenovich. Would like to learn, how affairs with the second goalkeeper are. Leah Chontofalski leaves?

- He trains and will depart with 7 command of January on the first gathering to Turkey. I do not have bastings about parting with it. About leaving it did not do Official statements. But I understand that it is not satisfied by the position in the command. I see danger that the guy can blow up, lay down any conditions at any moment. How to leave this situation, we yet do not know, but we hope that at the Slovak the common sense will prevail and Kamil will understand that to Zenith in this season it is necessary to spend many games. Will get used to position of second number and will compete to Slavoj Malafeevym.

New stadium? And for whose bill?

- Evgenie Mihajlovich, the fan with 50 - the summer experience. You are engaged in building of new stadium? I have an offer in this respect.

- I am glad to hear that you have an offer. About building speech does not go yet. There are some sights, concepts. A main point - for whose bill? While further conversations business does not go.

- And where to play Euro cups?

- on Petrovsky .

- you are ready to pay penalties? After all the stadium does not correspond to the international norms.

- and we do not have choice. Penalties are measured by thousand dollars, and building of new arena - millions.

- I suggest to open the bill in promstrojbanke for offerings.

is a remarkable idea, we even analyzed it as one of financing sources, but nevertheless have come to a conclusion that we will not collect the considerable sum.

Arshavina I will not punish

- Vladimir at phone. Interesting, and zenitovtsy penalties pay?

- certainly. For delay on training, infringement of a mode and other. For any contract infringements. They should not speak badly about the director (laughs). The friend about the friend... The sums of penalties do not depend on the size of the salary. Perhaps it and is wrong. But, on the other hand, it is clear that players among themselves discuss conditions of contracts. Size of penalties such that to football players it was not strongly sick, but it is insulting enough.

- aha, means, Andrey Arshavin has run! He in one of newspapers has told recently that at it with you heavy relations...

- I saw this interview. Perhaps, at it with me and heavy relations. And here at me with it equal, as with all other players. If Andrey has to me claims, he could voice them personally. Very often people not always precisely state the thoughts, and journalists not always precisely them interpret. But if all is correctly written, it is not so good from the point of view of corporate ethics. Any inquiries in this respect I do not plan to spend also the sanction to Andrey I will not apply. The psychology is by a trainer`s part.

- but after all you have told, what Arshavin has broken ethics?

- he bad about me did not tell anything. He has told that of me is afraid. And what in it bad?! (Laughs.)

And the father at me abrupt

- Greetings, are Julja from Tosno. Ilya Sergeevich, you for fans a riddle. Could not tell about a family a little.

- at me the three children, all schoolboys: Anja - to it of 17 years, Grishe - 14 and to Vitalik - 8.

- Probably, you very occupied, time for education does not suffice?

- here you have exactly got. Happens that children only once a week I see. Besides they are not interested in football. If I knew, to what at them propensity would be the happiest father on light. They normal, modern children. Sports are present at their life only at physical culture lessons. I am not able to impose them that is interesting to me.

- really anybody from them on Petrovsky does not go?

- Grigory goes. But I am not assured that it is pleasant to it. To show more likely, what his daddy abrupt - it by the car approaches directly on a tribune. And so on. . Believe, I do not idealise the son, no less than. As to spouse Ekaterina it the guide - the translator, works in travel agency.

the FILE

Tcherkasov Ilya Sergeevich. Was born on April, 13th, 1963 in Leningrad. Has ended economic faculty I LIE of A.A.Zhdanova. Worked at the Maryinsky Theater, in Banking house St.-Petersburg . It is married. Three children. A hobby - fencing.

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