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Unfestive results of New year

the Short review of incidents in Petersburg

On all reports, the present New Year`s eve became a bit quieter, rather than last year.

ice and petards

In a busy schedule worked first aid brigades. On service reports, on December, 31st doctors left 28 times on road accident in which has suffered 31 persons and two were lost. Seven victims were in an alcohol intoxication.

ice became the reason of traumas of 43 persons. 30 from them have been hospitalised. 18 persons from whom 13 were in an alcohol intoxication have suffered from overcooling. 10 persons were traumatised from explosions of petards.

in the first days 2004 from - for ice 62 persons have suffered, 30 from them have been hospitalised. 11 persons that is quite natural, have appeared tipsy. Cold weather also has told the word. 27 victims the diagnosis " has been made; Overcooling . From them only three were sober. A four hospitalised with obmorozhenijami. It is remarkable that for January, 1st first aid only once left to suffered from petard explosion. Those was much more, but on calls employees GO and CHS left.

the Red cock

the Pyrotechnics became also the reason at least three fires which have occurred on New Year`s Eve.

in Seaside area on the prospectus the Queen as a result of rocket hit on a loggia of the seventh floor has burnt out a loggia and a room part. In hospital it was necessary to send the one-year-old girl who was during a fire with two floors above as the smoke has extended and there.

All in holidays from December, 31st till January, 4th in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region there were 112 fires in which 13 persons were lost.


very disturbing New Year`s eve has fallen to this time a lot of Regional service of rescue - 14 calls. Fortunately, basically calls have appeared are connected with opening of doors.

Anna Kostrova.