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Life in Petersburg rises in price

Since January, 1st tariffs for light, heat and gas have raised

Someone knew about future increase, but for many inhabitants of Northern capital it became unexpectedness. In a press - service Lenenergo to us have declared that it increase without comments . A pier, all knew that in new year of the price will grow.
however the first deputy of the chairman of the Regional power commission Anatoly Karpov has agreed to comment on a situation: In - the first, the prices for fuel have grown on 20 %, in - the second, in the federal market of the electric power the goods have risen in price for 9,6 %. And Lenenergo by the way, 50 % of energy buy there. And in - the third, the rate of inflation makes 10 - 12 %. It also the rise in price reason .
According to Anatoly Ivanovicha, to Petersburg basically has carried - in other regions gas, heat and light rise in price on bolshy percent.
Following increase of tariffs is expected in May. About this rise in price of power have agreed in advance last year before budget acceptance.

that has risen in price and how much?

Was/ There was

an Electric power (copeck for watt - hour)

Apartments with gas cookers 72/ 83
Apartments with electric stoves 50/ 58

Warmly (rbl. for metre square in a month)

For inhabitants of communal flats 8,94/ 10,01
For inhabitants of separate apartments 5,49/ 6,15

Hot water supply (rbl. for the person in a month)

88,72/ 99,36

Gas (rbl. a month)

For apartments with a geyser 28,60/ 32,20
For apartments without a geyser 9,30/ 10,46