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Deputies have accepted the budget for 2005

the Most part of expenses - moving and building of new habitation

Yesterday`s session of Legislative Assembly has begun with performance of the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov. He has expressed the opinion on some pressing questions. In particular, about change of the law on purpose of governors.

- I consider that the right of dissolution of Legislative Assemblies should be obligatory at the president that was not artificial frondirovanija, - Sergey Mironov has declared. - thus I consider that it is necessary to dismiss not automatically after two deviations of the nominee offered by the president on fast of the governor, and to start a 30-days conciliation procedure, and not to register in any way its results that any arrangements could be reached. Besides, the Legislative Assembly should have a right to offer the nominees on a post of the head of executive power.

acceptance in the third reading of the city budget for 2005 became the Focal point of the last session. In a purse St.-Petersburg of 113 billion roubles, and expenses will make 120 billion roubles. The basic part of budgetary expenditure will go on moving of shabby emergency fund, building about 100 thousand square metres of new habitation and on development of an engineering infrastructure of a city. On 50 %, in comparison with last year, expenses of social character will increase.

deputies needed some minutes to vote for . vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Michael Oseevsky has told so: I am happy that all has passed quickly and effectively. It means that huge work has passed well . To the official the chairman Budgetary - financial committee ZakSa Vladimir Barkanov parried: That all has passed so easily and gracefully, is a result of a huge spadework, and it was gave absolutely hardly .

- Has pleased me in the budget increase in profitable and especially account part at billion roubles, - the chairman of Legislative Assembly Vadim Tjulpanov has told. - has afflicted that is allocated for replacement of privileges with monetary indemnifications not so many means as it would be desirable.

Elena Pomazan.
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