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Leah additives for engines of our cars

are necessary And are how much effective a miracle - additives to butters and gasolines

metal Conditioners capacity reducers hermetics, friction modifiers - counters burst with a variety of the autopreparations, promising to return to the car engine former youth and if also you honour their instructions, their guaranteed a miracle - properties last doubts will disappear: has bought, triumphing in a shower, has filled in and has easy gone - kilometres run, and the engine is restored: We sit, and money goes . So such additives - break during a new era or grandiose charlatanism?

that dead a poultice

Legends say that in Soviet Union autopreparations are obliged by the occurrence to total deficiency of spare parts. The order for a miracle - additives, most likely, has been made so - a call from above: On a nose a sowing campaign passing in harvest, and at us half of a motor car park on a trick . Such preparation which would recover these cars at any cost, at least for a while is necessary. And will repair them then - long winter evenings .

the Order has been executed, only from Soviet Union by then remains nothing, there was only a belief of our people in a miracle. When you sit on the furnace, and it you where it is necessary delivers. Additives on market trays and store counters also have begun to flow.

such, the pancake, eternal youth

Among a huge variety of additives the lion`s share occupy the autopreparations promising decrease of a friction and prolongation of a resource of the engine. They differ only by a work principle.

Maslorastvorimye (friction modifiers). Their structure usually includes molybdenum. On the conclusion of experts, in not up to the end killed engines modifiers be valid can the effective. Thus on 2 - 3 % decrease fuel consumption and on 10 - 15 % last a resource of details.

plating - into a basis of such preparations usually enters politetroftoretilen (PTFE). Are washed away at butter replacement. Effect from their action insignificant or zero - just that case when if pluses also are, so specific that for their detection it is necessary to spend the most complicated complex of research works.

Remetallizanty - reducers of the worn out and hurt surfaces of piston group. Are made of multicomponent alloys of nonferrous metals. In a basis usually copper, tin or lead. Are capable to raise a compression, to lower an exhaust and a butter charcoal fumes. The effect suffices on 2 - 3 thousand kilometres. The main thing - not to run into a fake, them usually do of the copper seeing-off stolen and ground in a dust.

the big distribution was received also by autopreparations on the basis of organic powders - a diamond dust. Are offered the buyer as means of jobless repair of the engine. Give positive, but instant effect. The engine gets used, begins to breathe - works more steadily, capacity and a compression increase. All misfortune that at application of the majority of them the further stabilisation in engine work does not occur also piston group is literally milled in a dust! To stop this process it is impossible even butter replacement - the diamond dust is not washed away. Major repairs of the engine after their application are inevitable.

washing for... Brains

Someone from the well-known has told: I am not so rich to buy bad things! and in us - Him (Scientifically - research Automotor institute) me have repeated the same - if to fill in in the car the normal butter, any additives to it are not necessary. And even to wash out a cursor at butter change it is not necessary - if, of course, do not change mineral water for synthetics.

engine washing in other cases - the reflex which has remained from Soviet period when the Zhigulevsk instruction recommended to apply special promyvochnoe butter. But it has been connected only by that frequently owners of cars in the conditions of the same general deficiency used bad quality butters. Today some such butters practically not to find, so, and necessity for washing of engines has disappeared.

but if you conservatives for engine washing use the same butter what will use further. Yes, expensively, but is not more expensive, than replacement of a cursor or its major repairs. Fill in an admissible minimum - on shchupu. Allow to the motor to work, merge it and fill in new already under the full program. At change of butter to 10 percent already fulfilled remains in the engine - so let it will be high-quality working butter, instead of third-rate washing.

in struggle for OCH (oktanovoe number)

the Autopreparations, ready to lift oktanovoe fuel number in a petrol tank of your car, today a pond prudi. A leah it Only is necessary to you? Experts us - Him assert what most easier to avoid problems in fuel system - to fill the car with high-quality gasoline. And all.

all necessary additives - washing, raising oktanovoe the number, antioxidants - are added in fuel at oil refining industrial complex. And that are on sale separately in the markets and in shops, - on nine tenth nobody the checked up autopreparations. The motorist needs to believe promises of the instruction on application only.

the certificate of conformity which frequently shake before a nose at the buyer about what does not speak. He confirms conformity to certain indicators which at times are not co-ordinated absolutely not to product operating characteristics. Even if to fill in in a tank of the preparation raising oktanovoe number of gasoline of five litres, it will not rise above, than on 2 - 3 units, and to ruin spark plugs and to pollute a power supply system - time to spit.

by the way

With the book on life

And on a broader scale before to peck on the advertising promising all and at once, - honour scientifically - the popular literature. Books are more correct than the maintenance instruction of the car are not present and cannot be. The chief engineer of factory and its service on these several tens pages all have stated more exhaustively. Here - the vastest experience of hundreds tests and tests, and the main thing - protection against the fool. Also is not present words about addition in butter or gasoline of any autopreparations. Honour at a leisure and do not hammer to itself in a head far-fetched problems.

the Result to this subject was brought by the employee us when we said goodbye: the Zero effect from additives - not the worst that can be, as more often effect negative, and outstanding cases - when effect positive .

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