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Adventures of the prince to Russia

on May, 20th from Ekaterinburg to St.-Petersburg has gone fourteen starinnyhinomarok. The column is conducted by prince Michael Kentsky

Prince Michael has arrived to Ekaterinburg a charter flight from London on Sunday. It is its third visit to capital of Ural Mountains.

the same charter have brought 14 retrocars and participants of rally. Racers from Great Britain, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and France have grasped with themselves wives and friends. In delegation it was typed the person fifty. Visitors have lodged in the most expensive hotel of Ekaterinburg Atrium - the Oriental carpet and cars have exposed on a universal review under its windows.

run starts today from the centre of Ekaterinburg. The head car the cousin of the English queen will move itself. From all command only he understands Russian inscriptions on guide signs.

cars which will drive across Russia, - the present curiosities. These sports cars are let out in Britain in the twenties the last century under Bentley stamp. To all racers on 50 - 60 years, they clubmen of fans of cars of Bentley, and also owners of these cars.

rally is dated to 300 - letiju St.-Petersburg. Ekaterinburg is chosen by a starting point not casually. The main initiator of this action prince Michael is necessary the grandnephew to last Russian tsar Nikolay II. In Ekaterinburg the imperial family just also has spent the last days before execution in July, 1918.

- at run two purposes, - the prince speaks in good Russian. - in - the first to tell to Europeans about economic and cultural life of modern Russia. In - the second to collect means for philanthropy.

for 15 days the column of cars should overcome 2,5 thousand kilometres. The route will pass through Izhevsk, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod and Moscow. If in a way there will be no breakages racers expect to appear in Northern capital by June, 2nd.

- for our cars the Russian roads - not test, - grins one of participants of rally, the millionaire, the former industrialist, British Phillip Strikland. - for such razuhabistyh highways of the car also let out hundred years ago. And here the Russian fuel good. Much better, than in the beginning of the last century. However, in each tank all the same it is necessary to fill in on a floor - litre of the additives improving quality of gasoline.

- it is a pity only that especially you do not send on errands, - participants of run admitted. - after all we will be accompanied by cars of road inspection.


Average rate of movement of a column - 70 km at an o`clock.

will protect curiosities the Russian and international special services.

the price of each car about $2 million.

there will be racers in hotels in big cities - and plan to arrange two - three picnics on the nature.

Paul Taran, - Ekaterinburg.
a photo of the author.