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Shagin`s picture was stolen directly from an exhibition

by Thieves operated in the face of employees of the Konnogvardejsky arena

On Tuesday from the Konnogvardejsky arena where there passes an exhibition of artists - nonconformists, the picture " has been stolen; One thousand and one night Shaherezady written by Vladimir Shagin. According to his son known mitka Dmitry Shagin, theft has happened in broad daylight and directly near by at employees of showroom - the stool of the person on duty is in immediate proximity from the stand where work of his father hung.

- in the Arena protection is obviously insufficiently organised, - has told Dmitry. - from an exposition hall it is possible to pass directly in clothes, and through it, passing control, on street. It is abnormal. It seems that a picture have stolen to take out it abroad. It will be very sick, if we lose it for ever.

Vladimir Shagin`s Work was exposed on the second floor of the Arena together with pictures of other artists 60 - 70 - h years. It is not excluded that the choice of thieves has fallen on it also because it hung in the second number: probably, thieves counted that loss not at once will notice.

- Michael Shemjakin here came to 2 o`clock in the afternoon, - Sergey Kowalski, the president of fellowship " has told; Free culture and the main organizer of an exhibition. - when I showed it an exposition, the picture hung on a place. And the round table with representatives of the power has then begun. And after it we have found out loss. It turns out that Shagin`s work have stolen nearby 15. 30.

the Stolen picture is written on a hardboard in the technician of distemper, its sizes 35 on 45 sm so to curtail it into a tubule or to hide under clothes it is impossible - any person on duty or the police officers who are keeping the watch in the Arena, the people leaving with the big parcel under the arm should guard. However have not guarded.


the Picture One thousand and one night Shaherezady has been written in 1973. It was constantly stored in the Museum of nonconformist art on Pushkin, 10 (catalogue number 431). Its author Vladimir Shagin (1932 - 1999) - the Petersburg painter, the schedule, one of the central figures the Arefevsky circle . In works of this community of artists last years many museums and collectors strongly are interested. Cost of the pictures entering in the Arefevsky circle makes from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

Alexander Gorelik.
gorelik@kppublish. ru
Foto Stasa Levshin.