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Dates of day

this day, on November, 18th:

697 years ago - in 1307 according to a legend Wilhelm Tell amazes with an arrow an apple on a head of the son.

162 years ago - in 1842 the decree about construction of the first constant bridge through Neva - Blagoveshchensk (nowadays the bridge of Lieutenant Schmidt) is published.

151 one year ago - in 1853 Russian fleet under command of an admiral of Paul Nakhimov destroys a Turkish squadron on Sinop spot-check.

131 one year ago - in 1873 in Petersburg the monument to I.F.Krusenstern on quay of Vasilevsky island (nowadays emb. of Lieutenant Schmidt) opens.

90 years ago - in 1914 in Russia members of Bolshevist fraction of IV State Duma are arrested.

84 years ago - in 1920 in Russia abortions are resolved.

35 years ago - in 1969 the American astronauts in the second time in the history make landing to the Moon.

33 years ago - in 1971 leaves the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR about establishment of institute of ensigns and warrant officers.

14 years ago - in 1990 in France start a kite of 1034,45 metres.