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the Half-finished product from Peter merge with Factories - 5 ?

Kostja Legostayev is again nominated for a departure, and producers offer it a bad song

continues to watch destiny Petersburg a half-finished product Konstantin Legostayev. Kostja it is again nominated for a departure from show, and it seems that this time its prospects not too iridescent. At least, under our data, producers Factories - 5 and personally Alla Borisovna insist on that it executed not most advantageous of the songs - very much a checkpoint even according to Legostayev, number Only to us .

to support Konstantin, on Friday factory shows go his parents, the big brother and the author of texts to Legostayev Sergey Smirnov`s songs. It is natural that at studio there will be also a girl Petersburg Half-finished product Olga. Some details of their romantic appointment became known. We will remind that young men have met during time dismissals given to Legostayev, also have spent together day.

- we met on the Moscow apartment of the cousin of the Bone - Igor, - Olga has told. - I have prepared fried meat, a potato and salad from tomatoes. Drank only wine so everything that have written then, Kostja has returned on Factory dead drunk, - nonsense!

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