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The Petersburger has made the submarine

Michael Puchkov dissects on subarine waters of gulf of Finland and the Torpedo in a box

One fine day, in 1985 dreams to reach Great Britain

, he has solved: I will construct a boat, and where to swim for a while on it - I will find.

the first difficulty which Michael has faced, is a shortage of materials and money.

- I already at all do not remember, how at me it turned out to get all making details for a boat, - Michael smiles. - each time any luck helped. Very many friends and always by the way brought. All money Sometimes came to an end, and I thought: well everything, is time to be turned off. But then on any magic again there were means, and I put them in realisation of the mad dream. I remember only that money always was the last...

and when the boat was already almost ready, Michael has understood that time has come to change a residence. It already was has dared to get over from Ryazan more close to Black sea when someone has dissuaded it. By the southern seas supposedly frontier guards strict. Then Misha has driven in the not completed treasure in a box, has loaded it into the passing truck and has gone to Petersburg.

- in a box I have driven in a boat not only that it not to hurt on road, - Michael remembers. - the most important thing of that I was afraid so it is extraneous eyes. Earlier with it it was strict - it should to register it, to explain in every possible instances, for what purposes I to its system. And I would not like any red tape...

In Peter life was started turning with new force. There was an interesting work to which needed to give a lot of time, new friends. But even behind this turmoil it found free minute to devote to its to the Dark blue torpedo (so Michael ljubovno names the boat. - a bus comment) .

has fallen into web KGB networks

In 1988 a boat has been constructed and it is already repeatedly tested in waters of gulf of Finland, already submariner Misha has dared at long travel.

- if tanks to the full to fill with gasoline on it it is possible to float some days, - Michael tells. - here in the summer 89 - go year I also have decided to swim for a while on the local rivers. Across Neva has floated towards Tosno. And that is called, has come... There muzhiks of a log in the river caught, the metal have set a trap. Here in them I also have got. Has lain at the bottom the whole days. Has then got out on a surface, has dried up clothes. Has crept to the workers, which those logs alloyed. I speak in a whisper: Muzhiks, help diving to pull out a boat . They have looked at me, as on the abnormal: What boat, you in the mind?! then, truth, have helped. But has not passed also a half an hour as there was a militia - someone from local already has had time to report! And after militia and companions from KGB have appeared in time. They have decided that I am a spy. In their territory the factory weapon is: Aha! - speak. - has lain down on a bottom and photographed a military facility?!

to departure on to the Dark blue torpedo back Michael could not long enough. On a scene of crime there came experts from Vysotsky (near Vyborg. - a bus comment) Design office and representatives of services of national security. In the submarine searched zhuchki and the built in videocameras - have not found. But have found the driver of that truck on whom some years ago Misha has transported a submarine in a box. Interrogated both.

when to Michael all - taki managed to be convinced kagebeshnikov that it floats only for the sake of own pleasure, and at all on the instructions of CIA, it have released. Here only a boat not at once have given. Designers from Vysotska long marvelled to it, and have then told: Go - ka you, the guy, learn at shipbuilding institute, and then come to work to us .

It was necessary to study.

has won space

- Vocational education has, of course, helped me, - Michael argues. - after all before I even about the device of submarines have not read any book. Built it at intuitive level. And now I know, how it can be improved. Therefore on all offers to buy from me mine a torpedo I respond: If pay to me so many that money for construction of more perfect submarine, - that, please " will suffice me;. But if I undertake to build a new boat now on it will leave not less than $50 000. And on such money to fork up while nobody dares...

though Michael also dreams of building of a new boat, old as he admitted, it too quite arranges.

- I managed to win from water a space slice to which at any moment it is possible to retire. When you are on depth of 10 metres - around such serenity reigns, and overflows feeling that here anybody and nothing will get you. Even you start to think differently. All negative as if is dissolved in thickness of water which surrounds you. I after swimming always such updated on coast leave. And when at me mood bad, I tell myself: the Bear, be not depressed! You from breed of people which to the North Pole mountain tops go also submit . It becomes easier.

the filmstar

When - documentation officer Alexander Kiselyov has reached this summer the director hearing that waters of gulf of Finland are dissected by the odd fellow on the self-made submarine, he has decided to find it and by all means to shoot about it a film.

- heroes of all my films - not ordinary persons, - Alexander Vasilevich has told to correspondents. - and Misha of Bunches very much neordinaren. To a film I yet have not thought up the name, it even is not mounted yet. The cinema will be 30 - minute, and time for shootings we have spent almost 3 months. But it was worked to our film crew with it very pleasantly. I hope that this cinema becomes the participant of the nearest festival who will pass in France. You, by the way, know, what at Mishi dream - to paint a boat in yellow colour to go on it to England? Here only means at it while on it are not present. We hope that after festival it will have many foreign sponsors, and it at last - that will make the long voyage...

it is concrete

TTH the submarine the Dark blue torpedo

Weight (with fuel) - 2300 kg.
weight (without fuel) - 2100 kg.
length - 5 m.
the Height - 130 see
Capacity of the engine - 8 l. With.
accelerates momentum to 7 km/ ch.
Plunges on depth to 10 m.
Contains in itself two persons.

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