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To Novgorod have appointed the young public prosecutor

this week the order of the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Ustinova the new public prosecutor of Great Novgorod Andrey Efims is appointed.

before fast of the public prosecutor of Great Novgorod was occupied with Valery Zheltkov who has resigned in connection with leaving on pension.

to the new public prosecutor to pension to work still very long. Andrey Efims became one of the youngest officials of a city. On September, 21st to it 32 years were executed.

before new purpose Andrey Anatolevich was the interdistrict public prosecutor in Borovichi.

the wife and Andrey Yefimov`s seven-year son had not time to get over yet in the regional centre.

- my friends when have learnt about my new purpose, have asked not to become presumptuous, - has told the public prosecutor, - and on a broader scale it is pleasant that so many acquaintances have called and have congratulated. Even the relative who is abroad. Has seen the message on my purpose on the Internet.

in work Andrey Efims considers as One of major principles open dialogue with townspeople.

business hours of the public prosecutor of Great Novgorod: Monday with 14. 00 to 17. 00, ph. 13 - 91 - 67.