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I do not consider myself as the hero

the Chief of traffic police have rescued the woman from the gangster

About the chief of traffic police Petrodvortsovogo of area Alexander Salfetkine today tells all branch. On November, 11th it has personally braided and delivered in militia of the hooligan who has plundered the woman.

on Thursday evening the chief of traffic police Petrodvortsovogo of area Alexander Salfetkin came back to itself in branch after staff instructing. When the patrol car has stopped on a traffic light, the woman has run up to it and with shout Me have plundered! Help! has seized a car door. Having planted suffered in the car, Salfetkin has gone to search for the predator. Soon they have noticed the young man easy going along the street, in it the woman has identified the thief. The guy of a pursuit did not expect, and when him have detained, has become puzzled and has easy sat down in the car. But has then escaped and has run.

- we, probably, half an hour circles behind it cut, - Alexander Ivanovich remembers. - As the hare ran. I just in case even have called help.

but the help of Salfetkinu was not necessary. For the predator have caught at a stall. Further - a trick: have braided hands, have brought to branch and have brought accusation in attempt of a robbery with violence application.

Alexander Salfetkin does not consider as the hero of. In law enforcement bodies it works 27 years, three years from them - as the chief. To face gangsters it is necessary more often.

- to catch criminals without delay it is possible, - Salfetkin is assured. - But only in the event that victims were converted at once into militia. And if you have attacked or have plundered in the street and you were converted to the militiaman, to help you it is obliged, be it though the private soldier, though the colonel.


To 70,7 % has grown raskryvaemost murders and other grave crimes:

from them on 3,6 % - on murders;
on 10,9 % - on rapes;
on 11,1 % - on armed assaults;
on 6,2 % - on robberies;
on 12, 6 % - on thefts;
on 53,8 % - on vymogatelstvam.

For days in Petersburg it is made about 400 crimes. Without delay open about half from them.

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