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Parfinsky church-goers pray to creation of children`s hands

the Unusual icon with George Pobedonostsa`s image decorates an iconostas of a temple of Seraphim Sarovsky in settlement Parfino of the Novgorod region

This mosaic cloth collected from slices of cockleshells, about 8 years is in poselkovoj churches.

the former prior of a temple father Igor became the initiator of attraction of local creators to an iconography.

he was converted to parfinskoj to the artist and the head of school of arts to Galina Kizhapkinoj with the offer to test in a new role - the icon-painter.

the woman has found books with photos of icons of the Novgorod temples and has suggested the pupils to choose pleasant for work on the sketch.

- children chose different icons, but is better the sketch it has turned out at Victoria Fedorovoj, - tells Galina Kizhapkina. Is not horse George whom we have got used to see, and the zone image. In a photo in the book it is visible that the paint on the original has cracked. Looks so as if it have collected, as a mosaic. We have solved in such technics and to make our icon.

children have collected nacreous plates of cockleshells on river bank Lovat. Have crumbled them on slices, each of which was no more a children`s nail. Collected unusual creation all 16 teenagers - pupils of school. Painted paints for a fabric, sent of Germany as the humanitarian help.

the image was ready, and authors have carried an icon in a temple for sanctification. What their surprise when before church have found out set of the people who have come to church in honour of a feast of George Pobedonostsa was. As it has appeared, anybody from artists did not know then holytides.

the new prior of church of Seraphim Sarovsky father Vyacheslav who one year ago has taken up a management, has noted only unusual kind of an icon. In its opinion, the icon is worthy as an individual copy and as children`s creation. In Parfino it excludes occurrence of new school of an iconography. Though pupils of school of arts continue to test in this field, including children of the prior.


Mosaic icons far back in the past were traditional for Orthodoxy. So, mosaic icons were made in ancient Byzantium, only there them collected not from cockleshells, and from stones.

George Pobedonosets is considered the promoter of warriors and cattle breeders.

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