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Archeologists have found the most ancient slavonic cross

Today in Petersburg the exhibition of unique subjects VIII opens - IX centuries

Excavation in the most ancient capital of Russia to Old Ladoga is conducted from a XIX-th century. However the city does not cease to surprise. For the last some seasons of the Old Ladoga expedition under the direction of Anatoly Kirpichnikova were possible to lift subjects of the most ancient occupation layer in territory of the Eastern Europe. Examination of one of constructions has been spent and year - 753 is precisely established. It is considered date of the basis of capital.

but, besides, archeologists have found absolutely surprising subjects as Scandinavian and finno - Ugrian, so slavonic and east cultures. After all the city was not only multinational, but also shopping centre where merchants from every corner of the globe gathered.

perhaps, one of the most curious from the historical point of view of finds can consider a bronze cross - such did in Byzantium in VI century. And in Old Ladoga have found out at excavation a layer of IX century. This cross - actually the most ancient Christian symbol found in slavonic territory. And in it the hardened hallows - a skin and hair of the unknown person sacred lay. Scientists consider as surprising finds girki with which help in ancient capital weighed silver coins, - money went on weight. Similar weights have been found out only in the second time.

the President of Russia personally observed of a course of excavation.

- By the way, in Europe the silver was not - all coins carried from the East, - the deputy chief of the Old Ladoga expedition Vladimir Kildjushevsky tells. - In IX century, for example, to Europe annually delivered about 3,5 tons of silver...

on an exposition ornaments of slavonic and Scandinavian men and women, life subjects - various crests, needles, ware, weapon fragments are presented. And also the wonders brought from the East, - basically the glass beads, which local residents with pleasure changed for furs. By the way, scientists managed to prove that in Old Ladoga have learnt to make the same beads and have created one of the most ancient glass manufactures of Europe.

Tatyana Mihajlova.
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