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The court has understood with Limonov supporters

the Novgorod world court has sentenced four organizers of unapproved meeting to payment of the administrative penalty at a rate of 1000 roubles from everyone.

we will remind that on October, 30th on the Sofia area has passed the unapproved meeting organised by representatives of Left-wing radical political movements - natsional - Bolshevist party (NBP), AKM and RKSM (). All participants have been detained by law enforcement officers.

However, under court all arrested persons (them were nearby 20 persons), and only the four young men recognised as organizers have gone not, the others have acted as witnesses. In spite of the fact that meeting had obvious antigovernmental character (for example, Putin holding a meeting named precisely the main terrorist), accused the organisation of illegal public action was incriminated only. And punishment left soft enough - on 1000 roubles from everyone though the sanction provides to two thousand one rubles of the penalty. However it has quite sufficed to force Novgorod natsbolov to become thoughtful, as their police officers in rest are not going to leave, periodically pulling out on preventive conversations. Perhaps in the future we also will organise any action, but for the near future to plan anything precisely we do not begin - one of members of Novgorod branch NBP has told.

Lina Bogolyubov.
che@mail. natm. ru