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That us has surprised in Petersburg

, Saturday, 13. 11
Persevering wives

are summed up competition of a monument to Eugene of the seaman. That two could not choose any, and now the winner at once. One sculpture will put on quay, and the second - in any park. Perhaps to put " easier; the woman with an oar ? It suited decades all and, by the way, quite could be the wife of the seaman.

, Monday, 15. 11
the Correspondent - the truth lover

to the Journalist to Edward Vorotnikovu instead of new mobile in salon have sold the second-hand. He has decided to operate under the law and has gone to court. Has passed nine months, and Edik still hopes for positive result. The belief of the person in justice is surprising.

, Tuesday, 16. 11
the Shocked champion

Having visited in the homeland, the well-known Petersburg bicycle racer Vyacheslav Yekimov has felt shock of that here many live on two thousand roubles a month. On - visible, on the Olympic Games it communicated with our sports bosses and the politicians living on two thousand at o`clock too much.

, Wednesday, 17. 11
Unruly bitloman

Kohl Vasin does not leave hope to construct John Lennon`s temple and even has found the ally in the name of Michael Shemjakina. And here at Mozart and Tchaikovsky the temple is not present, but there is a music. Perhaps and Beatles to leave music, and a temple to construct Kohl Vasinu and on it to calm down?

, Thursday, 18. 11
Robbers not old men

Directly from an exhibition in the Arena have stolen in broad daylight Vladimir Shagin`s picture. It have simply removed from a wall and have taken out in an unknown direction. Perhaps to the Duma now to consider the law on an interdiction of a film of Eldara Ryazanov Old men - robbers .

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