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Unites all planet the day devoted to a toilet

C the third year successively world community celebrates the International day of a toilet

Over it which have been thought up HERE (the World organisation of toilets), a feast it is possible to laugh, of course. But, by and large, it is a question about close and clear all young and old to a subject. After all in a toilet we, you see, happen much more often, than in a museum, a cinema or a concert hall. Unless not so? The unusual feast Whence has gone? The international day of a toilet is marked since 2002. The decision on it was accepted at the First conference of the World organisation of toilets (HERE) which has passed in 2001 in Singapore. On conference has gathered about 200 delegates from 30 countries of Asia, Europe and both Americas. Aim the organisation has intoned good - to watch observance of the international standards in public toilets.

Roman Trahtenberg, the showman:

- In 1995 we with friends lived in Germany, earned that sang in streets. There are we on Shchenhauzen - avenue aside Alexander - a parade-ground, and here me was impatient. Terribly a stomach has braided. I look around for a toilet, I find one paid, children give to me to the stamp, and I rush there. I pull the handle - it is closed. In general, in a toilet repair was. And there is no place to go more, and late. I feel - all... Has begun to flow in trousers. And I just that day very expensive have put on pants, just bought. Has run in bushes, has removed jeans, all from cowards has shaken out, and to throw out them it is a pity, expensive! In general, has crumpled them and home has incurred. Germans look back, from me stinks for kilometre. So hour ones and a half to the house also reached with cowards in hands. It was a shame awfully!

Andrey Radin, the TV presenter:

- In the end of 80 - h I with companions on study was in Germany. In Leipzig. Naturally, German beer very much was pleasant to us, and we have drunk it much in cosy as there speak, gashtete. Also have gone for a walk on a city. And when was impatient, have suddenly understood that we in another`s country and at all do not know, where a toilet! On - Soviet come into the nearest front door we could not (all is a shame - taki) that is why have strained and have three together thought up a phrase: Hav ken ju si a double vi si? - with which stuck to nothing the understanding passer-by. Well, there was to us someone Russian, probably, from military men who there then ministered in GSVG. Only Russian could understand ours esperanto . Thanks to it we quickly have found WC and have felt incomparable simplification...

Alexander Tjutrjumov, the actor:

- When I want to understand level of any institution or establishment, for example, restaurant, I first of all go to a toilet. And all becomes clear. But something unusual to me there did not meet. But I have an acquaintance, at which house in a toilet radio moreover with the call button hangs: if to it it becomes suddenly bad or something urgently is required, it will press it, and the siren will join. However, as far as I know, it still did not use this button. And want a joke? Present the usual rural house: a court yard, a kitchen garden, a crooked toilet. The muzhik has made the affairs, left, and the wife to it:

- Stepan, sho you, damned, in a toilet have not locked a door?!

- and sho there from us to steal?

Oleg Nilov, deputy ZakSa of Petersburg:

- This extraordinary case has occurred last year during the stay of execution of duties of the governor of St.-Petersburg by Alexander Beglovym. As - that time it has gone with a forwarding trip on city schools. He there has seen what toilets, poverglo Beglova in the present shock. Then, already in Smolnom, he threw thunders and lightnings, telling off subordinates in imitation walnut. It was entrusted to them to dig up resources in the shortest terms and to result lavatories in an appropriate kind. otherwise... - Beglov has awesomely added... Alas, after a while Alexander Dmitrievich has gone on increase, and the problem meanwhile remained. Which - that managed to be made this year. Without superfluous modesty I will tell that by this time thanks to the program developed by me at 30 schools of a city toilets are resulted in an appropriate kind.


Ogo - go! in THEY be 160

Lieutenant colonel Borja Kononev by training was the fighter pilot. But became the military journalist. And to it have allowed to write about superconfidential strategic bombers They be 160. Borja for the first time to lives has got aboard this silly woman. A leah a joke - length of 54 metres, height - about the three-storyed house (13,1, wingspan - to 56 m, and take-off weight - 275 tons! Here Kononov and tychet a finger, chumeja with happiness:

- And it that? And here for what? And here who sits?

pilots explain all to it and only smile to delight of the former fighter. But here Borja sees near to pilotskim an armchair any not clear adaptation: the goffered tube, goffered a muzzle ... It suffices this business, puts to the person, yes as in it garnet: Ogo - go!!! And it that at you, an intercom? on persons of guides of Borja has understood, how terribly he was mistaken...

- it is flied without landing by days, - have explained to it. - and need, it and in air - need...

than smells disbat?

There was it in 1980. In sentry on protection of warehouses of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Lvov VVPU. The toilet there was, so to say, country. Here all also ran metres for 10 from karaulki to a treasured small house. And when the next cadet in pripryzhku has brought in a hurry to a known small house into a booth could not come: two feet in kirzachah and with the lowered trousers stick out therefrom. And inside, directly in a known hole in a floor, - wide back of the planting sergeant and the honours pupil of study If Chuhina.

- And che to do - that? - Justified then Kohl before companions on a system. - the belt with podsumkom on a nail has hung up, and ottudova two shops (60 cartridges!) Directly in a hole have flopped. Not to go from - for them, kljatyh, in disbat...

Companions Kohl sympathised, but weeks two it avoided. While from it a smell disbata has not disappeared.


to choke in a cesspool for 13 dollars

In March of last year the student of Kenyan university Dora Mvabela has gone to a toilet in the house in village Kisumu Dogo. Also has casually dropped a mobile phone when, celebrating need, tried to respond to a call. Wishing to rescue phone Alcatel in cost of 78 dollars, the girl was converted behind the help to neighbours and has promised to pay one thousand shillings (approximately 13 dollars) to the one who will manage to get it. 13 dollars for Kenya - the sum considerable. More than half of inhabitants from 30 - the million population of Kenya live for the sum of less than 1 US dollar of day.

the First tried to take a mobile phone 30 - summer radio engineerings Patrick Luhaka who married recently. Radio engineerings has disassembled a floor of a toilet and has tried to go down in a hole on a ladder. However together with a ladder has fallen in a hole. I. Has sunk. Its body later have found on depth of 13 metres.

with the second behind phone and for the friend the friend unfortunate Kevin Vambua`s radio engineering has got. However has slipped and also has fallen in a hole and has choked.

Tretim the victim became somebody John Solo. Trying to rescue sunk in a cesspool, it has inhaled fikalnymi evaporations, has fainted and too has fallen in a hole. Nearby already there was a policeman, and John managed to be pulled out from a cesspool. However the unfortunate has died in an ambulance car on the way to hospital.

All victims were nominated for the so-called Darvinian award of 2003 (the recognition of the dead man the silliest for the most ridiculous death), but as it was found out, at them was offspring that is why winners they and did not become (under the status of the award the victim from a lack of mind for the sake of evolution should be childless).


In Petersburg - 230 public toilets, and on the European norms are necessary nearby 600 on distance to 700 metres from each other.


On a city will go a free toilet

Today in Petersburg celebrate a new feast. It is devoted the International day of a toilet
At 12 o`clock at the house 12 on Kantemirovsky street there will pass the small celebratory program with competitions, prizes and entertainments. Then the car with the toilet booths, decorated with spheres and celebratory headers, will go on a city where in places of a mass congestion of people free access in ambulatory agitklozety will be provided.

Alexander GORELIK, Valery DROBOT, Maxim KONCHAROV Have prepared.
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