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Dates of day

this day, on November, 19th:

304 years ago - in 1700 Charles XII near Narva inflicts defeat over Russian armies.

301 one year ago - in 1703 in the Bastile the prisoner who has become history as " dies; the person in an iron mask .

180 years ago - in 1824 there is the largest flooding in the history of St.-Petersburg - the water level in Neva rises on 4,14 m above a normal level. 462 houses collapse, is hurt 3681, 208 persons sink, 3600 beasts perish.

71 one year ago - in 1933 in Leningrad is based New theatre (since 1953 the Leningrad theatre of Lensoveta, since 1992 the Academic Open theatre).

37 years ago - in 1967 in the championship of Ireland the football player SHelburna Jimmy O`Konnor are done by the fastest heth - trik in the history of professional world football, having hammered in three balls for 2 minutes 13 seconds

25 years ago - in 1979 high-speed train R - 200 goes to the first flight from Leningrad to Moscow.

2 years ago - in 2002 in capital of Ethiopia Addis - Abebe opens the monument first on the African continent to Alexander Pushkin - a gift of the government of Moscow.