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In Peter do sweets with mercury?

on a wrapper of chocolates with which workers from Cherepovets nearly have not poisoned, some workers of the largest Cherepovets enterprise " are specified nazvaniepeterburgskoj factories

to Nadnjah; Severstal have decided to drink in a lunch break to tea with sweets. However, when have developed candy wrappers have found out that from a delicacy suspicious drops flow. Experts local SES which have preliminary established have been there and then called that in five sweets in weight 70 g contains 0,5 g mercury. Fortunately, anybody from workers has not suffered.

as has told to us the assistant to the head physician of Cherepovets Gossanepidnadzor Nadezhda Alesnikova, the poisoned sweets were called Favourite . They are wrapped up in pink candy wrappers, on them are represented rozochka and a heart. We managed to learn that come they from Petersburg, to be exact from suburb Kolpino. Are made at the enterprise the Neva confectioner . After state of emergency Favourite have completely withdrawn from all shops and supermarkets of Cherepovets.

we have phoned in Petersburg office of the company the Neva confectioner . At first to us have refused flatly to give comments, but have then explained that in Northern capital there is only a distribution department, and sweets Favourite are made in the Penza region in settlement Makshan.

With the Neva confectioner talked as well doctors Cherepovets SES. I, unfortunately, have not remembered a name of the expert, but he has muffledly explained to me that near Petersburg manufactures are not present two years, and candy wrappers for sweets are used the old. From here also there was a mess. Now we understand, whence all - taki they to us have arrived - has explained us Nadezhda Alesnikova. Besides, it was found out that sweets were delayed, and mercury there has got, most likely, by manufacture: Vials of poisonous substance have been in regular intervals distributed on all stuffing that excludes the ill-intentioned certificate. If someone has wanted to poison specially for workers would use a syringe .

Poisonous sweets will be subjected in the near future the full chemical analysis. Besides, law enforcement bodies should find out, whence they have entered Cherepovets - from the Penza region or from Petersburg.


the Size - nearby 3 see
Cost - 60 rbl. for 1 kg.
a candy wrapper - it is pale - pink, on it are represented rozochka and a heart.
from above - a sweet chocolate.
a stuffing - dark.


Mercury - metal serebristo - white colour, liquid at usual temperature. Only 0,003 mg on 1 3 is a dose, life-threatening the person.

hope Kositsky, Anna Lupal, Anton Chernyj ( - Vologda ) .
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