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The head - not bicepses

the Petersburg chess player Peter Svidler doubts that chess concerns sports

Now in Moscow there is a fierce fight for the Russian chess crown. Attempt in the fifth time to win this prize our fellow countryman Peter Svidler undertakes. Peter has returned recently from Spain from the chess Olympic Games where as a part of a national team has won silver, and helped with a role sparring even earlier - the partner to Vladimir Kramnik to win a rank of the world champion in a match against Hungarian Peter Leko. When the correspondent has called Svidler on the eve of departure to Moscow, the voice at our chess player was very tired. It was felt that Peter is exhausted by tournament struggle.

the Olympic silver is a disturbing call

Still more recently to such great chess power, as Russia if could confront, only separate players, like any Fisher. But to beat us the command!. It would be scandal all over the country. Now refusal to play for a national team is considered almost norm. Here and Peter notices that for victory on the Olympic Games of Russia there was no skilled, experienced chess player, like Kramnik, Kasparov or Karpova.

- At owners of gold medals of Ukrainians the madwoman on talent youth has stolen up. And at the head of it there was skilled Ivanchuk, - Svidler explains. - we like also acted not bad, and the collective was amicable. But to play there is not bad not enough, it was necessary to play fine. However, tragedies in silver medals I do not see. In Russia more many strong chess players of my generation. There are also present stars. Another matter that loss to Ukraine is a disturbing call. At them chess enjoys powerful state support what was in Soviet Union. So, if in our country and further will give not enough attention to children soon second place on the Olympic Games will seem success.

Rogge chess does not recognise

Svidler admits that in Spain it is not a shame to it with the game. However, the Petersburger does not hide that on a course of tournament carried a little. On a toss-up it was possible to play white figures is more often. For Peter this was the sixth Olympic Games under the bill and, of course, not the most important in life. The first ran into memory - in Yerevan.

- I then absolutely young was. Looked at Kasparov, Kramnik from below upwards. Still recently only on the TV saw these legendary people, and here it was necessary to play with them in one command. Certainly, impressions remained the sharpest and bright.

but even the brightest impressions of the chess Olympic Games will not replace that feast what is created on the present Olympic games. Peter laughs.

- till 2012 we can even not think of occurrence of chess on Games. The previous president of the International Olympic committee (IOC) Juan Antonio Samaranch only from an arrangement to our country promised to think. And the present head - Jacque Rogge - chess does not love the IOC and for sports them does not recognise. And I think that the head is not bicepses, it is the tool thin.

instead of live fights Peter looked Rugby football

Closing the Olympic subject, it was necessary to ask Peter that for scandal has happened on closing of the chess Olympic Games with the Georgian grand master Zurab Azmajparashvili. Our fellow countryman has declared that this history became logic continuation razdolbajstva local organizers. From the very beginning there was a set of unpleasant overlays. For example, in a hall where took place tournament, at all there were no conditioners, and the temperature reached to + 30. And only after the collective protest long-awaited cooling has appeared. Other history - with transport. From chess players already during tournament began to extort money for delivery to hostel. Well and beating of Azmajparashvili became last drop. Peter personally did not see that has occurred. It has left earlier, wanted to look with friends... Rugby football! But in a course followed then events according to eyewitnesses.

the matter is that to a team of Russia on closing should hand over a prize of a name of fivefold world champion Nony Gaprindashvili which for the sake of it has specially arrived to Spain. But at ceremony to make it have safely forgotten. Zurab has decided to rectify an error - has tried to step on the stage and has been braided by police. Guards decently have beaten it and have all night long kept in prison.

and what I still am able to do?

Before the Olympic Games Peter helped to prepare for a match for a rank of the world champion to Vladimir Kramnik, with which sign still with 80 - h years. According to our chess player, it has accepted this invitation for a great honour. And its money interested least. It was important to be convinced on a private experience, what is it - preparation for a match for a chess crown.

- you only do not think that I have passed to trainer`s work, - Svidler laughs. - is not present, still I will play. I and itself yet have not lost hope to become the applicant. Here if there will be a long-awaited association, there will be a normal draw of the World championship...

However, telling these words, the Petersburg grand master and itself not so believed that this process when - nibud will come to the end. Therefore has remembered the book of English chess player Shorta, in which on a question: Why you play chess? there are some answers. Peter has chosen the such: And what I still am able to do?! .

the FILE

Peter Svidler

Was born on June, 17th, 1976 in Leningrad.

has started to be engaged in chess in 1983. Since 1993 co-operates with the merited trainer of Russia, the international master A. M.Lukinym.

the World champion among chess players till 18 years (1994). The champion of St.-Petersburg (1995), Russia (1994, 1995, 1997, 2003). The winner (as a part of a Russian team) the chess Olympic Games (1994, 1996), command superiority of the world (1997). The winner of tournament in Tilburg (1997).

the Grand master of Russia, the international grand master.

Dmitry IVANOV.
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